St Augustine Tourist Attractions

Amazing Saint Augustine Attractions as Far As the Eye Can See

When you visit the stunning city of St. Augustine—or what locals affectionately refer to as either “The Old City” or “The Ancient City”—you can’t help but take the time to see both the rugged historical sites and the breathtaking panoramic ocean views and St. Augustine Tourist attractions upon which the city’s reputation as a tourist destination has been built. However, there is so much more than simply history here; attractions in St. Augustine range far and wide throughout the city, making it the perfect place for a vacation!

Fortunately for visitors, the city is replete with fun-filled adventure and incredible St. Augustine attractions—and not just for history buffs! The city has forty-three miles of beaches to comb and explore, interesting and off-beat tours to take, picturesque buildings from all eras, and a multitude of museums dedicated to all types of subjects, giving tourists a wide range of perspectives by which they can understand and appreciate the complexity of St. Augustine. Read on to see some of the best St Augustine Attractions you can experience!

Castillo De San Marcos
This beautiful attraction is one of the most important pieces of St Augustine’s vibrant history, having helped make sure the town survived into the modern day. Constructed over the course of 23 years, it’s truly a sight to behold! Click to learn more!
Gonzalez-Alvarez House
If you love exploration, history, and a good story, the Oldest House in Florida is a great place to check out! Click here to learn more about the Gonzalez-Alverez House in St Augustine Florida!
The Cathedral Basilica
Located just moments from St Augustine’s Old Town Trolley Station, this beautiful Cathedral looms high as the seat of the Bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine – and is a fantastic stop on any vacation. Click to learn more!
The Old Jail
This little slice of history is an incredible sight to behold, and one of the top tourist attractions in St. Augustine! Click today to learn more about this spooky attraction that you simply cannot miss out on!
The Lightner Museum
Commissioned by railroad tycoon Henry Flagler, the Lightner Museum is a fantastic place to experience the stories and history of St. Augustine. Just 10.00 for adult admission and free for children under 12, it’s an affordable and interesting way to spend your St. Augustine vacation. Click to learn more!
The Ximenez Fatio House
This historic home has been well preserved since 1978 and is one of St. Augustine’s premier attractions. Click to learn more about the winner of the 2013-2014 Certificate of Excellence Award by TripAdvisor!
Potters Wax Museum

Potter’s Wax Museum in St. Augustine is a fantastic tourist destination boasting hundreds of realistic wax figures of your favorite celebrities, political figures, and other notable figures. Take your tour today and click here to learn more!

Villa Zorayda
The Villa Zorayda Museum in St. Augustine has been part of the United States National Register of Historic Places since 1993, and it is one of the more interesting St. Augustine attractions you’ll find! With a huge collection of orginal art and antiques gathered over the years, it’s a unique destination that can’t be missed. Click to learn more today!
St Augustine Alligator Farm
The St. Augustine Alligator farm opened in 1893, making it one of Florida’s oldest attractions! Click to experience this slice of history with over 23 different species of crocodiles!
Fort Mose Historic State Park
Fort Mose is the very first free community of former slaves, and is one of the most important historical sites in America. Truly an incredible locale in the context of American history, it’s also a beautiful sightseeing location that can’t be missed. Click to see it today!
The St. Augustine Light

The St. Augustine Light House is a beautiful and active lighthouse located at the north end of Anastasia Island. With active tours monthly and plenty of events every year, it’s an enjoyable pitstop on your St. Augustine vacation. Click to learn more today!

The Fountain Of Youth Archaeological Park

Are you a fan of Ponce De Leon and the legendary Fountain of Youth? This Archaeological park may be what you’re looking for. Click to learn more today!

Anastasia Island
This gorgeous barrier island off the northeast Atlantic Coast of Florida is home to a variety of beach towns, unforgettable camping spots, and 1600 acres of abundant wildlife. Click to experience this St Augustine favorite today!
Fort Matanzas
Built in 1740, Fort Matanzas is an impressive testament to colonial architecture and a site of true historical importance. Want to learn more? Click, and plan your St. Augustine vacation as soon as you can!
St. Augustine Amphitheater

The St. Augustine Amphitheater is an incredible outdoor theater that dates back to 1965. Learn more about this unique venue where you can catch a multitude of shows in St. Augustine!

Adventure Landing

Adventure Landing in St. Augustine is the place to go for family fun! Compete in fun games like go-karts, mini golf, and much more. Click here to learn about Adventure Landing now!

Avero House

The Avero House in St. Augustine is also known as the St. Photios Greek Orthodox National Shrine. Visit this great location to learn about the Greek immigrants to America and their struggle to cope in a harsh new land.

Colonial Quarter

Take a step back in time at the Colonial Quarter in St. Augustine. Explore period buildings in this hands-on experience where you’ll find real blacksmith shops and more!

Fort Menendez

Fort Menendez at the Old Florida Museum is a great educational experience for the whole family. Come discover the history behind this incredible Fort in St. Augustine while having the time of your life on vacation; click here to learn more!

Llambias House

Another incredible old home in St. Augustine, the Llambias House holds history that many buildings simply can’t match. Follow the link to learn about the Llambias House and its place in St. Augustine’s history!

Mission of Nombre De Dios

The Mission of Nombre De Dios is a famous mission in St. Augustine that also houses the Our Lady of La Leche shrine. Visit the Mission of Nombre De Dios on your vacation to discover more about this iconic place of worship.

Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse

St. Augustine is home to the oldest schoolhouse in America. This wooden schoolhouse is open to the public, letting you get a glimpse of how children were educated before modern conveniences arrived. Learn more about this location here!

O’Reilly House Museum

The O’Reilly House Museum in St. Augustine is a testament to the staying power of buildings in the city. Featuring a garden that started in the 1800’s, there is much history within the walls of this home; learn more about the O’Reilly House here!

Pirate & Treasure Museum

St. Augustine has a close-knit history with pirates, and you can learn all about the city’s ties to the rogues of the sea when you visit the Pirate and Treasure Museum! Find ships, treasure chests, and more by following the link!

Spanish Military Hospital Museum

The Spanish Military Hospital Museum is a faithful replication of an actual hospital that stood on its very grounds! Read on to learn about the Spanish Military Hospital Museum in St. Augustine, Florida!

St. Augustine Wild Reserve

St. Augustine is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, and the St. Augustine Wild Reserve is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of this diversity. Click here to learn about how you can visit the Wild Reserve!

St. Augustine Ghost Tours
Interested in the paranormal? St. Augustine ghost tours can take you to the most haunted locations in our city. Read on to learn more about the haunted side of St. Augustine!
St. George Street
St. George Street is the hub for commerce in our beautiful city, boasting shops, restaurants, and much more! Visit St. George Street to get a true taste of St. Augustine.
Pirate Ship Black Raven

Experience the life of a pirate aboard the St. Augustine pirate ship Black Raven! Read on to learn about these fun pirate ship tours in St. Augustine.

St. Augustine Distillery

The St. Augustine Distillery brings small batch spirits to the St. Augustine area, all while using only local ingredients. Discover this truly local favorite here!

Whetstone Chocolate Factory

Whetstone Chocolate Factory is a local favorite in St. Augustine, having grown their business from a small ice cream shop into a major chocolate business. Take a tour of the factory and taste their delicious creations on your next trip to St. Augustine!

Trinity Parish

Trinity Parish was the first mission founded in Florida, dating back to the 1500s. Today, this beautiful parish is still going strong. Visit Trinity Parish in St. Augustine to see an incredible piece of religious history in our country.

World Golf Hall of Fame

Florida boasts some of the most beautiful and well-designed golf courses in the country, so it’s only natural that we also house the World Golf Hall of Fame! Visit the museum to see memorabilia and more from the best players and highlights of this wonderful game.


Old parks and new parks, find out where to do some recreational activities or just take a stroll here in St. Augustine Florida. With the great weather we have, who wouldn’t want to spend their days outdoors?

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