st. augustine wineries

San Sebastian Winery is the Best of St. Augustine

San Sebastian Winery has earned the accolades. Often considered one of the best wineries in the state, San Sebastian is the wine heart of the city (and an ideal place for a Valentine’s Day escape). While “best” is debatable, it... Read more

st. augustine deep sea fishing

Book a St. Augustine Deep Sea Fishing Excursion

It’s time to hit the depths of the ocean. And you know what that means? An enthusiastic crew. A big boat. And lots and lots of gear. It’s time to hit the water as we take you offshore for the... Read more

ghost tours st. agustine

Ghost and Haunted Tours in St. Augustine

There’s no escaping the ghostly haunts of St. Augustine, with its rich and eerie history. Across from the Castillo de San Marcos National Fort, the base for the Spanish army’s first line of defense for St. Augustine, is a massive... Read more

Ripley's Red Train Tours St. Augustine

Ripley’s Red Train Tours St. Augustine

Sometimes when you visit a new place, it’s difficult to know all the fun and interesting things there are to do, and you either get overwhelmed by trying to visit them all or you just give up and miss out... Read more

st. augustine tours

Whetstone Chocolate Factory St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a friendly place for those who take their chocolate seriously. This is due in large part to the presence of the Whetstone Chocolate Factory. This company has been a fixture of the community since the business was... Read more

tour the colonial quarter

Tour the Colonial Quarter

Reading about the history of our country’s beginning days is a fascinating educational experience for history buffs, but somehow fails to capture the interest of the majority of the population. The excitement of the colonial days just doesn’t jump off... Read more

Visiting the St. Augustine Distillery

If you’re a fan of spirits, you’ll want to stop by the St. Augustine Distillery during your vacation there, one of the most popular St. Augustine things to do. The flavors of Florida produced here reflect Florida’s passion for the... Read more

map of st augustine

Four St. Augustine Guided Tours

There are so many things to do and so many sights to see in St. Augustine that it is difficult to narrow it down to the best ones. From ghost stories recounting the haunted past of St. Augustine to a... Read more


Schooner Freedom Charters

Tall ship sailing is an adventure like no other. Feel the ocean breeze in your face as your vessel skims across the water, leading you to aquatic adventures or romantic experiences aboard the Schooner Freedom, a 72-foot 19th century reproduction... Read more

Eco Tours St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine gets a lot of attention for its rich history and unique culture, and rightfully so. But with all of the attention that these facets of this community get, people often do not hear enough about how beautiful the... Read more

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