graves in st augustine FL

Visit the Old Jail St Augustine for a Spooky Treat

Are you itching to add a little eerie excitement to your St. Augustine getaway? If so, you’re in for a treat because right here at The Ocean Gallery, we’re your expert guides to uncovering the spine-tingling spectacles that this charming...

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girls on aguided tour

Four St. Augustine Guided Tours

There are so many things to do and so many sights to see in St. Augustine that it is difficult to narrow it down to the best ones. From ghost stories recounting the haunted past of St. Augustine to a...

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couple on boat

Schooner Freedom Charters

Tall ship sailing is an adventure like no other. Feel the ocean breeze in your face as your vessel skims across the water, leading you to aquatic adventures or romantic experiences aboard the Schooner Freedom, a 72-foot 19th century reproduction...

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sea turtle swimming through waters

Eco Tours St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine gets a lot of attention for its rich history and unique culture, and rightfully so. But with all of the attention that these facets of this community get, people often do not hear enough about how beautiful the...

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