Welcome to The Ocean Gallery

The Ocean Gallery Resort is located on the popular North Florida beach just 5 miles from historic downtown of St. Augustine. Miles of white sugar sand, warm surf, and plentiful sunshine make the perfect mix for an unforgettable beach vacation. Our resort offers unique vacations for every season. True ocean lovers can choose from the Vistas, oceanfront and ocean side view condominiums. And for those budget minded the Villages that require just a short walk to the beach, are available, offering a variety of floor plans. All our St Augustine Beach condos and properties are individually owned. Stay at the Ocean Gallery and explore the nation’s oldest city. You may opt to stroll through the historic splendor of the Spanish Courts and cobblestone streets of St. Augustine for relaxation and renewal.

All About the Ocean Gallery St Augustine Beach Resorts and Condos

The Ocean Gallery St. Augustine FL Beach Resorts broke ground in 1983 with the final phase of construction ending in 1988. The property encompasses 42 acres of a beautifully landscaped gated community with 418 condominiums, of which 200 are on the Rental Program and 21 single family full-time residency homes. The Ocean Gallery was a featured resort in Ladies Home Journal and hosted the cast and crew of the Hallmark Hall of Fame production The Flamingo Rising. End your search for a Florida vacation and book your stay with us today.

For your safety and enjoyment of our Community, we ask that you take a moment to familiarize your family with the safety rules. Please click on the link below to see the Ocean Gallery property rules.

Download – Community Rules for The Ocean Gallery

Agreement Concerning Conduct

While Guests of Ocean Gallery

    1. Ocean Gallery has resident owners as well as rental guests and ALL are entitled to share and enjoy the amenities and property generally.
    1. Ocean Gallery has long-standing rules and regulations concerning the use of common areas (parking lots, hallways, pools, hot tubs, etc.—your attention is directed to the partial list of rules as posted in the pool areas).
    1. No one under the age of 25 will be allowed to check-in unless the financially responsible (totally liable) person over the age of 25 is available on the resort premises at all times during occupancy for each unit occupied. Overall, no one, regardless of age will be allowed to check into a unit without the authorization of the registered party.
    1. There is to be NO football, volleyball, basketball, baseball or other objects foreign to the use of pools and hot tubs thrown or present in the pool or parking areas. Obviously, no glass is to be used in these areas. The beach is a great place for group activities and is available to all.
    1. There is to be NO horseplay or diving in the pool areas and excessive noise is to be discouraged. NO towels or articles of clothing shall be hung over the handrails.
    1. “Vista” pools and hot tubs, as well as other Vista amenities, are for “Vista” residents only and bracelets are required for identification approval. All persons present on the property are required to provide community service or other authorized personnel with correct names of the person(s) and/or group(s), unit number, and other such information as requested.
    1. Ocean Gallery has personnel roving the property for the welfare, safety, and benefit of ALL residents and guests. These community service personnel are clearly identified by their Ocean Gallery uniforms or Law Enforcement (Sheriff’s Office, Highway Patrol, Local Police, etc.) uniforms. Directions and instructions concerning conduct and activities by these personnel MUST be obeyed immediately without debate and/or discussion, derisive remarks, etc. Failure of adult chaperones or adults in charge to cause immediate compliance with directions and instructions from community service personnel shall be cause for immediate expulsion and eviction of offenders or offender’s entire group or party from the premises, now and in the future.
    1. While it is hoped your stay at Ocean Gallery is enjoyable you must remember that other people have rights and privileges to use the amenities and be guided by good common sense regarding their use by you and/or your group. You and the group for which you are responsible or accompanying will be required to respect the rights, privileges, and civil liberties of others.
    1. Luggage carts are provided for the convenience of Vista owners and guests. They are located in the North and South stairwells at the front of each building. After use, these carts are to be returned to the stairwell where initially located. At NO TIME are these carts to be left in the hallways or near the elevator.
    1. Trash chutes are located at the North and South front of each floor in the Vistas. These chutes are for the convenience and use of owners and guests and are to be used for residential garbage ONLY. AT NO TIME is trash to be left in a unit as it is vacated or in the hallways or near the elevator. The trash receptacle by each elevator is NOT to be used for residential trash.
    1. Towels, washcloths, and other linens are for use only in the rental unit and are NOT for use at the pools or beach, or for washing your auto. Missing, damaged, or stained towels and linens are to be charged to the registered guest or chaperone (adult in charge).
    1. Remember you are GUESTS of the unit owners and act accordingly. Any damaged or missing items will be charged to the registered guest or chaperone (adult in charge). Also, remember that there are older people who are entitled to share the use of common property and ensure that your actions and those of your group do not endanger others or infringe on their rights to use the common property and amenities.
    1. Non-Smoking Units–if tobacco odor is noted upon your departure, you will be charged for a deep clean, plus curtain, upholstery, and carpet clean.
  1. Please report any non-functioning or broken items upon entry of the unit. Any and all complaints about cleanliness must be presented within twenty-four (24) hours of check-in and will be checked and corrected, if necessary, in a timely manner. Management will also appreciate any report of non-functioning items within the community property area (i.e. water faucets, clogged toilets, etc.).

* Management and Board members hope your stay at Ocean Gallery will be an enjoyable and memorable one and that you will return for repeat visits, however, you must recognize that Management and Board members will NOT tolerate damage, abuse, or misuse in the unit you occupy or the common areas and/or amenities.

* The guest has read the above agreement regarding conduct and responsibilities of guests at Ocean Gallery and understands that as the adult on location, he or she is responsible for the conduct of juveniles under his or her control or for which he or she serves as chaperone or accompanying adult, and hereby agrees to abide by Ocean Gallery rules for not only himself but the group he or she represents.