More About Our Property Management Services

Professional property management companies perform a variety of services for vacation rentals like yours and long term rentals that you may be considering investing in as well.

For a fee and a percentage of the rental income, a property management company will prepare your property for photographs, advertise your property, screen potential tenants, take in the money, and take care of upkeep and maintenance—including those 3 o’clock in the morning emergency calls that you are too far away to be able to do anything about anyway!

Tax reports will be prepared, housekeeping and landscaping services will be ordered, and all you have to do is sit back and watch your bank account grow. Using a property management company takes away all the hassle of renting your home!

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Getting Your Property Ready for Management

When you work with our Ocean Gallery Resort rental management office, there isn’t much that we don’t take care of for you.

But there are a few things you should do to prepare before handing over your property to the people who will work very hard to keep it rented, and we have listed what should be done below. It may seem a little daunting at first, but just keep the end goal in mind: living your golden years with no fears of being penniless!

How Clean Is the Property?

Once acquiring your condo, consider initially cleaning the property yourself before turning it over to us as a rental property. The more work it takes to clean a home, the more the housekeeping service will charge. You will probably save your money in the long run for more important things like repairs, furnishings, and amenities.

Is the Property in Good Shape?

Broken windows, shoddy cabinetry, asbestos tiles, and holes in the walls may have meant you got a terrific bargain on your investment property, but it can make it difficult to rent out. If you’re not handy, hire a contractor that can handle the work; we can provide you with some names if you don’t know the area. And remember, custom cabinetry, wood floors, granite countertops, and jetted tubs may hike up the initial outlay, but the higher rent you can garner and the money you save by not having to re-invest early will end up earning you more in the long run.

Is the Home Appealing to the Eye?

Sheets and towels will be supplied by us, but it is the owners’ discretion to make interior updates. Guests love to see additional upgrades that make a property feel more current and homey.

Hiring a decorator and investing in quality furnishings and electronics will make it easier for us to photograph and then rent out the property for you.

Updating old furnishings such as couches, chairs, upgraded tech, kitchen appliances, and dinnerware will help set you apart if visitors are looking for more modern vacation rental in St. Augustine.