Outdoor Adventures

golfer on st Augustine course

The Absolute Best Golf Courses & Events in St. Augustine

St. Augustine has some truly spectacular places to golf. And you can’t go wrong exploring the surrounding communities for some excellent golfing.  With one of the country’s most popular tournaments, the World Golf Hall of Fame, expansive beaches, and strong...

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st augustine alligator park

Top Things to Do Outside in St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a bold and beautiful town. Hidden in its many cobble streets and beach paths are innumerable outdoor activities. The weather is inviting pleasant throughout the year for outdoor exploration, the cool water breeze keeps the afternoons slightly...

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alligator in st augustine

Are There Alligators in St. Augustine?

The short answer is alligators are everywhere in Florida, but chances are you won’t see one in St. Augustine. At one point and time, the American Alligator was almost extinct. Now they can be found in golf course lakes and...

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snorkeler in st augustine

St. Augustine Snorkeling

Snorkeling is one of the most exciting and rewarding activities you can do on your St. Augustine vacation. It is easy, family-friendly, and filled with unique possibilities. It is important to remember that snorkeling is keenly different from scuba diving,...

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The Ocean Gallery - Wild Preserve Lynx

Tour St. Augustine Wild Reserve

The St. Augustine Wild Reserve is wild to the core. You get a close up look at exotic wildlife through the lens of this fascinating and enthralling rehabilitation clinic. Why should you a book a tour at the St. Augustine...

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