The Absolute Best Golf Courses & Events in St. Augustine

St. Augustine has some truly spectacular places to golf. And you can’t go wrong exploring the surrounding communities for some excellent golfing. 

With one of the country’s most popular tournaments, the World Golf Hall of Fame, expansive beaches, and strong Old Florida vibes, St. Augustine could be considered the definitive golfing city in North Florida. We cover the best of the St. Augustine golf courses and everything the area has to offer regarding the sport.

St Johns Golf Club Amateur Tournament

In 2004, the St. Augustine Amateur was established to give new players a firm foothold in Florida golfing. In the past nearly two decades, it has manifested into a major entry point for players of all skill levels and from all over the world. The event most often takes place in the fall. It’s a great time to come for the weather and the many fall-time active things to do.

The tournament is open for amateur golfers who have received an invitation. Invitations may be allocated from local tournaments or requested online. Some experience is preferred, but the tournament is generally open to very new players. Invitation applications will require an overview of playing style and what a player hopes to get from their tournament play. A registration fee is also applied. It is about $299 per registered player.

Players can also qualify through the Qualifier. This pre-tournament “game” will act as an entry-point for dedicated players looking to make a splash. The Qualifier is usually about two months prior to the tournament.

More details can be found at the St. Augustine Amateur website. Without a doubt, this amateur is the most accessible way for authentic and recognized tournament play in the area. While you can always play golf with friends or play cavalier games for personal rankings, there’s something special about tournament entrance.

The above tournament represents the pinnacle of St. Augustine tournament play for the vast majority of golf players. Be sure to secure a stay at one of the local St. Augustine Beach condos before making any big steps towards golfing tournaments. Locations can go fast- especially along the beach!

It is worth noting, you don’t have to be part of any tournament to play at the St Johns County Golf and Country Club. Fees including a cart are around $50 per player. It’s worth every penny for the 9th hole alone- an intense set of bunkers aligned against a dangerous pond covering the fairways left side. It’s an awesome challenge, and a great way to close out the course.

Outside tournament play, there are lots of golf courses and organizations open and available for the general public. Below we highlight some of the top golfing experiences in the region and what you can expect with a visit.

The Players Stadium Course

The Players Stadium Course was initiated to be the permanent home of THE PLAYERS Championship. Such early renown gave the course impeccable support over the years.

The course was always crafted for balance in mind. Golf course architects Pete Dye and Commissioner Deane Beman sought a course that would evenly represent all golf aspects, with short, medium, and long holes with scattered challenges throughout.

Regardless, this Players-approved course is widely considered Ponte Vedra’s top place to play. Golf Digest magazine ranked it the No. 2 “Best Course You Can Play in the State of Florida.”

golfer on st Augustine course
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Dye Valley Course

The Dye Valley Course is adjacent to the Players Stadium Course.

Both offer Ponte Vedra’s premier golfing. While sometimes, and unfairly, considered the inferior course of the two, Dye Valley is quite an achievement. Rolling greens really prioritize specific and focused play. A single mistake careens you off towards one of the sandy banks by one of nearly 50 water holes.

The course was designed by Pete Dye, Bobby Weed, and 1982 PLAYERS Champion Jerry Pate.

Lagoon Course

The Lagoon Course is located at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club. The name is no coincidence. The course is notable for its extensive lakes and marshes. Players may find it a challenge, but admirers will love the look it gives the landscape. There are also many tight fairways forcing tricky angles for the unprepared player. 

It is one-half of the Ponte Vedra Inn’s golf courses. The second is the Ocean Course. Both provide a riveting challenge for any golfer seeking to step just outside the ancient city for an afternoon.

Slammer & Squire

The Slammer & Squire is located at the World Golf Village and is a testament to golf’s creativity.

The 18-hole, 6,939-yard course places extra weight on the short game. It also acts as a nice complement to the broader design of the King & bear, another course at the World Golf Village.

There are expanses of thick woodlands, deceptive wetlands, and intense uneven lanes. While beautiful, it isn’t easy to navigate for the off-guard novice.

King & Bear

The King & Bear is a fantastic golf course located within the World Golf Village and a sister course to the Slammer % Squire. The course was crafted by legendary Arnold Palmer & Jack Nicklaus. It is the only golf course in the country to be co-created by both men. It is quite a course, challenging with its dastardly lake placement and large coquina rocks. The front nine is particularly problematic, with its expansive pines and lack of shade. Gorgeous and wonderful, this is a one-of-a-kind course capable of testing the finest players.

It is a 72 par with 18 holes, a total length of 7279 yards. Both the King & Bear and Slammer & Squire are open 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. daily at the World Golf Village.

Golfing is a culture in St. Augustine. Outside of tournament play and some fantastic award-winning golf courses, you can find other things to do and sights to see. We cover other ways to experience the sport on a golfing vacation in St. Augustine.

The Players Championship

Book St. Augustine lodging early before the Players Championship really gets underway. You’ll find the best deals and most available.

World Golf Hall of Fame

The World Golf Hall of Fame is the centerpiece for St. Augustine golfing. It enshrines golfing history through artifacts, video and audio presentations, and more. Even nongolf lovers can find many really compelling pieces, like breakdowns of top golf achievements, trophies, and timelines of golf’s evolution.

There are also special half of fame events throughout the year, particularly celebrating substantial golf milestones. The mixture of education and play has made the World Golf Hall of Fame a prime spot for field trips.

Plan Your Next Stay

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PGA Tour Academy at World Golf Village

The PGA Tour Academy is a major component of St. Augustine’s golf scene. As part of the World Golf Village, the tour has high levels of support across the country. The PGA association also doesn’t hurt!

It is one of the most widely recognized and respected instructional academies in the world. Anyone involved with the academy has a direct route for top-level tournaments in the country. There is a golf school, private lessons, and fittings available for interested golfers.