Guest Info

As you plan your next vacation to St. Augustine, you probably have several questions regarding the lodging and amenities that we offer in our exclusive oceanfront St. Augustine vacation rentals.

In each of the sections below, you can find detailed information about our condo amenities, things you should bring along with you, and our brief rental agreement.

Please review each section for more information, or feel free to call us at 1-800-398-5980 for any specific questions you currently have.


The Ocean Gallery is proud to offer one of the widest and most comprehensive selection of complementary resort amenities in the St. Augustine area for our guests to enjoy an exciting and fun-filled vacation.

Get more details about the resort amenities that you can expect on our Amenities page. Our resort offers you multiple conveniently located pools, hot tubs, saunas, beach gear, a fitness center, tennis, racquetball and basketball courts.

Interior amenities for many of our condos include full kitchens, large bathrooms, dining and entertainment areas, flat screen televisions, WiFi internet access, beachfront or near beach locations, comfortable beds, washer and dryer, sofas and furniture, tables and more.

Furnishing, equipment and décor modernity will vary depending on the particular tier of rental that you choose: Bronze, Silver or Gold. You can find more information about these tiers on our About Us Page.

Specific amenities will vary from one unit to another, and you can find more information about them by viewing any of our rental listings.

Things to Bring

Our accommodations are ideal for any length stay in St. Augustine and are designed to be very comfortable. However, there are several items you should consider bringing with you.

We want you to travel as easily as possible and avoid missing any important items, so we made a List of Things to Bring to help you plan your vacation and pack.
The list includes details on the extras that you can expect in your condo and recommendations on what to bring for beach recreation at our resort.
It is a highly detailed list and will help you adequately prepare for your next adventure to St. Augustine.

Get information on the type of weather you can expect, items you’ll need for a fun day in the sun on the beach, cooking items you should bring, and hygiene items that you’ll need.

Take a quick look at this page to ensure that you don’t miss out on any necessary items whether you are driving or flying into St. Augustine for your upcoming vacation.

Rental Agreement

It’s also a good idea to fully review our brief rental agreement before or after you book one of our available St. Augustine vacation rentals.

It doesn’t take much time and covers important details that you should know regarding refunds, check in and check out times, deposits, cancellation fees, pets, refunds, property liability, vehicles, grilling and other things you should know.

As you review our Rental Agreement, if you have any specific questions, you may call us at (800)-398-5980. If you’ve selected The Ocean Gallery as your lodging choice, we welcome you and look forward to seeing you!