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Golfing on a St. Augustine Vacation

It is time to combine the gorgeous greens and fairways against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. With one of our St. Augustine condo rentals, you will be sure to get the full Florida vacation experience! Known for its scenic...

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Visiting St. Augustine Beach

Scenic St. Augustine Beach on Anastasia Island rests right against the ocean with miles upon miles of pristine and laid-back beaches. From just about every spot you can water, from the Matanzas River to Salt Run to the breathtaking and...

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Top 5 Pubs in St. Augustine

It’s time to knock back a beer, enjoy some folksy Irish jams, and get treated just rudely enough to make it charming. Yes, it’s an Irish pub, and few coastal cities do them better than St. Augustine. St. Augustine is...

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Sailing Tours and Lessons in St. Augustine

There is something pure and majestic about souring the high seas on a sailboat. It is just you, the wind, and the water (or a captain, but that’s okay too). There are some breathtaking sailboat adventures available among many other...

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group of friends on boat in st augustine

Explore the Waters on These St. Augustine Tours

St. Augustine is a city like no other. It’s the oldest city in the U.S., which means there’s a lot of history and many fun things to do. With brick-lined streets and horse-drawn carriages, there’s plenty of charm for visitors...

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craft beers on the bar in st augustine

Tour These St. Augustine Craft Breweries

Townies love St. Augustine for its ancient city aesthetics and waterfront charms. But what takes the city over the edge is its proliferation of excellent, top-ranking breweries. From the center of downtown out to the edges of the town, St....

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How To Spend A Week In St. Augustine, Florida

St Augustine is nicknamed “the ancient city,” and the name is well-earned. This Florida coastal haven predates the pilgrims’ landing at Plymouth Rock by over 50 years and is the North American landing point for the acclaimed explorer, Ponce de...

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