Outdoor Adventures

The Ocean Gallery - St. Augustine Wild

St. Augustine Wild Reserve

The St. Augustine Wild Reserve is a non-profit organization that rescues and cares for neglected and unwanted exotic animals, including lions, tigers, and bears. Located northwest of historic St. Augustine, near the World Golf Village, the St. Augustine Wild Reserve...

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The Ocean Gallery - Golf Clubs

Golfing on a St. Augustine Vacation

It is time to combine the gorgeous greens and fairways against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. And what place could commit to this hefty task better than St. Augustine? Known for its scenic and sensational golf courses, St. Augustine...

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The Ocean Gallery - St. Augustine Beache

Visiting St. Augustine Beach

Scenic St. Augustine Beach on Anastasia Island rests right against the ocean with miles upon miles of pristine and laid-back beaches. From just about every spot you can water, from the Matanzas River to Salt Run to the breathtaking and...

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The Ocean Gallery - Sailboat

Sailing Tours and Lessons in St. Augustine

There is something pure and majestic about souring the high seas on a sailboat. It is just you, the wind, and the water (or a captain, but that’s okay too). There are some breathtaking sailboat adventures available in St. Augustine....

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fishing in st. augustine

What to Know about Fishing in St. Augustine

From the wide array of fishing charters to the many historic fishing spots, acting as relics of a past life, St. Augustine is home to a rich and influential fishing culture. What do you need to know about fishing in...

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Anastasia national park st. augustine

Things to Do in Anastasia State Park

Anastasia Island is St. Augustine, FL’s coolest national park, located just a few miles southeast of downtown. It became a Florida State Park in the mid 20th century because of its historical value and its unparalleled natural beauty. The island...

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surfing st augustine

Surfing in St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a cultural and social hotbed in Florida. It is home to some of the richest history in the country and bustling nightlife. Among the multitude of activities that await you in St. Augustine, you will find prime...

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florida manatees

Where to See Incredible Wildlife in St. Augustine

While the beach and surf of St. Augustine are certainly exciting, the wildlife attractions are unsurpassed. If anyone in your vacation party is thrilled with birdwatching, loves marine life, or has a passion for native plant life, adding a wildlife...

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