Tour St. Augustine Wild Reserve

The St. Augustine Wild Reserve is wild to the core. You get a close up look at exotic wildlife through the lens of this fascinating and enthralling rehabilitation clinic.

Why should you a book a tour at the St. Augustine Wild Reserve? Below are four reasons which make this riveting adventure one you have to add to your Florida bucket list.

The Ocean Gallery - Wild Preserve Lynx

A Different Type of Animal Experience

The St. Augustine Wild Reserve is very different from a traditional zoo. Typically, a zoo features a sanitized version of the wildlife experience. The Wild Reserve is filled with exotic animals in the process of being cared for and rehabilitated.

The animals here include tigers, lions, leopards, wolves, and others that have been donated, saved from roadside tents, and collected from private owners who couldn’t care for them any longer.

Unlike a zoo, the Wild Reserve is only available by appointment. They only offer tours Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 2 p.m. The tours are about two hours and will commence rain or shine. You should come prepared with walking shoes, snacks, rain ponchos if the forecast is cloudy, and other supplies to make sure you have a nice experience.

Unlike a typical zoo, this experience gets in the woods, amidst the cages and tough walking paths to see the animals. All tours are led by a veteran wildlife professional. You get to learn detailed facts about the animals including the story of how they got there, what and how often they eat, and who they do (and don’t!) get along with!

Wild and Rare Animals Up Close

There is no public interaction with the animals, but this does not mean you don’t get to see them all up close. The crew allows visitors to get within 5 to 10 feet of the animals, a distance usually unprecedented.

Your experience may also be a lot different from a zoo because you see the animals in a unique environment. The best example of this is the tiger bath. During all the tours, guests get to watch the reserve tigers play and clean up in scented bubble baths, with a soothing lavender scent in the air.

The reserve is home to some spectacular sights. The rarest of them all is the Golden Tabby Tiger. The reserve houses leopards, tigers, cougars, lynxes, and servals, among others. These are creatures you won’t find at a standard zoo – in a state of relaxation you won’t find anywhere else.

Spot Amira, related to the serval, lounging out by the waterside. Angel is a white-colored Bengal tiger and one of the most astonishing sights in the entire reserve.

You can also seek out some other fascinating animals, from the bold American black bears to local wolves. Try to find Concho the coatimundi, a Central and South American relative of the North American raccoon.

Affordable Family Adventure

Though the Wild Reserve is filled with a whole family of tigers and some of the biggest Florida bears anywhere, the tours are wonderful family-friendly experiences. The wildlife tours are $30 per person. Children 10 years old and under are only $20 and children under 5 are free.

You should come prepared with a stroller or harness for your child. You are going to see the very edges of the cages, and the tigers will only be a few feet away. Take your children on a special adventure and learn about the responsibility we have for protecting unwanted exotic animals.

Supporting Local Wildlife Rehabilitation and Care

Your experience goes directly towards benefitting the independent and non-profit efforts of a small and dedicated team. The center was created by Deborah Warrick after she noticed a deep need to care for unwanted and abused exotic animals. The reserve once acquired five arctic wolves and an African lion from Michael Jackson. The crew often acquired animals found abused and owned with improper licensing.

By visiting the reserve, you help support the costly care of many rescued animals, as well as the development of program initiatives to educate people about animal abuses in the United States. The team will also transport animals to local churches and schools, such as the local Deaf and Blind School in St. Augustine or the St. Johns Technical College for the Endangered Species and the Global Issues Literacy Event.

You get a different kind of experience that you couldn’t obtain from a zoo, all while supporting the local community and a truly worthy cause.

We Are Waiting For You

Stay at one our vacation rentals and take a run up to the wild and wonderful world of the St. Augustine Wild Reserve. It is a special place, filled with love and heart and dedicated to protecting some of our most valuable species. Reserve your St. Augustine Beach Rental today.