Come Watch Whales Migrating in St. Augustine

If you get the chance, one of the most unique and exciting things to do on your St. Augustine getaway is whale watching. When these beautiful creatures migrate to our area, they will amaze you with their sheer size and majestic nature.

Read on to learn all about what you can expect while trying to spot a whale in St. Augustine.

About the Florida Coast Whale Migration

On Florida’s Atlantic Coast, the Northern Right Whale makes its appearance. These endangered creatures were hunted to near extinction around 1900, and they currently only number around 500, making them a special sight to see. Luckily, thanks to large conservation efforts and countless volunteers, numbers are starting to rise again.

The Northern Right Whale starts out in Nova Scotia and New England, their home for the summer months. Around November, they make their journey to Florida’s coastal waters, where several females will give birth and begin to nurse their young calves. These young whales are born around 2,000 pounds and up to 15 feet long, and they grow to 70 tons and 55 feet!

whale in st augustine water
Photo from Unsplash

When is the best time to see the whales in St. Augustine?

Northern Right Whales are typically seen in St. Augustine between the winter months of December and March. Sightings are rare, as only about 100-150 whales visit the area each year, but if you know what you’re looking for, you may get lucky. More sightings are reported in February than any other month, giving you the perfect excuse to visit in the winter! It’s also a great time for other wildlife sightings.

Views of whales from your St. Augustine beachfront condo

Our St. Augustine condo rentals are ideally placed to give you a great view of the water, and you might even spot a whale right from your balcony! These oceanfront units are secluded enough to keep you comfortable and in privacy while also providing a spectacular view of the water at all times of day.

To try to spot one of these elusive creatures, there are a few things you may find helpful. Binoculars are imperative to whale watching, especially when you’re trying to catch a rare whale like these. Note that dolphins and sea birds often travel near whales, so be diligent when you spot these creatures. Finally, you’ll know you’ve spotted a Northern Right Whale when you see white patches of raised skin top the animal’s head, fully black tails, and the absence of a dorsal fin.

If you can’t spot a whale from your St. Augustine rental, you can try your luck at one of the nearby piers. The St. Augustine Pier might be a good location, or take a short trip to Daytona Beach and visit the Sunglow Pier or the Main Street Pier for a chance to see a whale.

Other Wildlife

Whales aren’t the only incredible creatures inhabiting Florida. You can take an eco-tour to get up close and personal with the native fish and bird species around all year long, or visit destinations like Fort Matanzas State Park or The Alligator Farm! These are family-friendly activities that will guarantee you a fun experience with Florida’s native animals.

Though sightings are rare, the chance to spot whales passing by St. Augustine is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. These beautiful creatures are luckily rising in number, so hopefully it will become easier to find them year after year. Whether or not you spot one, there are tons of phenomenal creatures to observe in St. Augustine, and your whole family will have a blast, no matter what you see! To book your St. Augustine rental, contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members.

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