Top 5 Free Activities To Enjoy In St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine is a city in Northeastern Florida known as the Ancient City. It earned this named by being the oldest continuously occupied settlement within the United States. This is an incredible destination for lovers of history and natural beauty alike.

This article will help you make the most out of a vacation here without spending an exorbitant amount of money. Here are 5 free things to do in St. Augustine.

Relax at St. Augustine Beach

This is a beach experience that you cannot find in many places along the coast of Florida. There is little development and virtually no high rises speckling the beach. This old-world feel, along with the white sand and warm water, make this beach the perfect place to relax in the oldest city in the United States.

Sunset St. Augustine Beah

Visit Fort Matanzas National Landmark

This fort, found about 12 miles south of St. Augustine, provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Constructed in 1740, this fort is a place that every lover of history should visit. You need not be a history buff to fully appreciate this experience, however. Walking through the fort and the grounds surrounding it offers most visitors an incredible sense of history and wonder.

St. Augustine Walking Tour

This tour offers the opportunity for you to walk through the historic Old Town of St. Augustine. The architecture is magnificent, largely influenced by the Spanish Colonial style, but through hundreds of years of existence of the city, it has developed its own unique style not quite like anything you have ever seen. Enjoy this and much more throughout the tour.

Vilano Beach Fishing Pier

Just outside the peaceful town of Vilano Beach lies this beautiful pier on the inlet of the Atlantic Ocean to the Matanzas River. Obviously, this is an incredible place to catch a wide range of fish out of the Atlantic. But even for those who are not looking to fish, this pier provides a great location to take a walk and relax near the ocean. Sunset and sunrise are particularly beautiful times to take advantage of this place.

Have a Picnic at The Mission of Nombre de Dios

The Mission of Nombre de Dios is said to be the oldest Catholic Parish in the United States, as the first mass occurred here in 1565. Even if you are not Catholic, this place offers a beautifully serene place to appreciate the unique history of St. Augustine and have a picnic. You can find the parish and the surrounding grounds just north of Old Town.

So Much More

These activities represent some of the most historic sites in the United States and some of the most relaxing things you can find yourself doing. Whether you are a lover of history, nature or simply relaxing, there is something for you here. Take your next trip to St. Augustine to see what else you are missing!