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Property Management St. Augustine FAQ

Ocean Gallery Property Management St. Augustine FAQWhen making the decision to buy a vacation rental, there are sure to be many vacation management questions you wished you knew the answers to before you bought the property—some simple and some extremely complex. We get that, and because we believe that knowledge is power, we have compiled a list of homeowners’ frequently asked questions for property management companies, along with our answers, so that you can enter the vacation rental process feeling confident and assured that this is really what you want to do.

Should I hire a property management company?

Unless you have multiple hours free to do the myriad of things a property management company does for you every day—advertising, screening tenants, taking in the rents, doing the paperwork involved (including tax paperwork), or answering 3 AM emergency calls about a broken air conditioner—we would advise you that yes, the first thing you should do upon buying a vacation rental property is to hire a property management company.

Do I need to clean the house myself?

If you want to save money, you can clean it yourself, but there are many housekeeping companies that are efficient and knowledgeable about cleaning homes for vacation rentals and who could probably do a better job at it than you could. Property management companies usually have (and the Ocean Gallery DEFINITELY has) companies on file that they have used before and trust.

How many times a year am I able to use the home?

How many times do you want to use the home? Most property management companies would never restrict your usage, just give them plenty of notice so they can block the days. But remember, the more you use it for yourself, the less income it generates!

What happens if there is a large repair needed?

In most cases, we can—and will—handle any repairs needed, but in the case of a large repair, we may need your input. When you hire us, we discuss dollar amounts. If a repair is less than $250, for example, we will take care of hiring someone to fix it and just add it to our bill, with complete documentation, of course. If it is over $250, we will inform you and let you make the decision of what needs to be done. It is your money, and we never forget that fact!

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