Eco Tours St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine gets a lot of attention for its rich history and unique culture, and rightfully so. But with all of the attention that these facets of this community get, people often do not hear enough about how beautiful the natural landscapes of the area are. The city is surrounded by countless unique waterways, marshlands, and of course, the Atlantic Ocean.

The best way to immerse yourself in this beauty as never before is to look into St. Augustine eco tours. Here are some of the ways that the eco tours allow you to experience nature in a unique way.

Boating Expeditions

The boating tours offer perhaps the widest variety of experiences. This is because there are different tours that focus on different aspects of nature surrounding St. Augustine. The most popular of these tours is the Dolphin, Birding and Nature Tour. Throughout this tour, you are taken through rivers and inlets adjacent to the swamps where you can view more beautiful and diverse bird life than anywhere else. After that, you make your way out to the ocean where you can see countless dolphins frolicking through the water. You also have the opportunity to bring your camera for the Photography Tour or see the beautiful stretches of beaches as never before on the Beachcombing Tour.

people kayaking

Kayak Adventures

Kayaking is fun even when you have nothing particularly awesome to look at, but the beautiful waterways of St. Augustine make it even more incredible. This is the most unique way to discover the natural beauty of St. Augustine. Slowly make your way through the countless waterways that surround the city to enjoy cool waters and amazing sites. The kayaks offered to participants in the tour are extremely stable tandem kayaks that even have rudders, so steering has never been easier. This allows you to focus on the beauty that surrounds you—after all, that is the point of the tour!

Sailing Excursions

This is by far the most relaxing of the St. Augustine eco tours, as you slowly glide over the water through beautiful scenery. As you learn about the workings of the sail boat, you will be taken through the habitats of dolphins, birds, and other wildlife.

There is still so much to love about the eco tours St. Augustine, FL has to offer. You can schedule for private tours and adventures so you have the opportunity to cater the experience towards the group that you will be going with.

Plan Your Visit

Getting to know nature has never been quite this fun. Make sure you check out the eco tours in St. Augustine, FL during your next visit!