Schooner Freedom Charters

Tall ship sailing is an adventure like no other. Feel the ocean breeze in your face as your vessel skims across the water, leading you to aquatic adventures or romantic experiences aboard the Schooner Freedom, a 72-foot 19th century reproduction of a blockade-runner built in 2001. Your children will have fun pretending they are scalawag pirates about to sack the city of St. Augustine for treasure, or you and your fiancé can schedule your sunset wedding aboard the wooden decks of this graceful sea vessel, setting charter for a long and happy life together. A voyage on schooners in St. Augustine is fun for the whole family!

Technical Jargon

The Schooner Freedom is made of steel and aluminum and her sparred length is 76 feet, while her deck length is 64 feet; her beam is…oh heck…who are we kidding, we don’t really understand all of this, all we know is that Freedom is big, beautiful, graceful, and carries a max of 41 passengers at any given time, so if you’re planning a wedding aboard, take that number into consideration! Her crew is a happy mix of men and women, all of which share one passion: a passion for sailing!

Sign Up to Sail!

Offering four types of regular sails and a handful of specialty sails, we think there is no better way to spend your day then aboard schooners in St. Augustine!

Family Day Sail

This one-and-a-half-hour cruise introduces your entire family to the joy of sailing as it brings you closer to nature. The younger members of your family can have fun helping out the crew as they raise sails and coil ropes. Costing $30 for adults and $15 for kids, there is a $5 cash discount.

Day Sail

Fly with the wind on a path that isn’t determined until you are in the moment for a two-hour cruise with the opportunity to view birds and sea creatures in their natural environment. $40 for adults and $30 for kids.

Sunset Sail

Discover romance and the breathtaking beauty of a glorious Florida sunset on this daily hour sail that is accompanied by music. $50 dollars per person, which includes complimentary soft drinks, beer, and wine.

Moonlight Sail

Peace, harmony, and tranquility can be yours when you take part in this one-and-a-half-hour cruise in the quiet of the night. $40 per person with complimentary beverages.

The Ocean Gallery

Your St. Augustine vacation will all be smooth sailing when you book your luxury Ocean Gallery vacation home and explore the romance that is our fair city. Count on Schooner Freedom charters to make seeing the sights unforgettable on your next vacation!

Ready to explore the land? St. Augustine has many interesting sights for those who aren’t feeling seaworthy: