Tour the Colonial Quarter

Reading about the history of our country’s beginning days is a fascinating educational experience for history buffs, but somehow fails to capture the interest of the majority of the population. The excitement of the colonial days just doesn’t jump off the pages of the history books, despite the well-meaning intentions of the authors who pour their life’s blood into what they write.

Having the opportunity to experience what our forefathers experienced, however, is an entirely different story, so to speak, and in the Colonial Quarter of St. Augustine, you get the chance to do just that—experience life as it must have been like centuries ago. Travel through time as your tour takes you through neighborhoods that recreate 16th, 17th, and 18th century eras (there are two 18th century ones, Spanish rule and English Rule). This adventure is unlike any other you have ever undertaken!

The 16th Century Colonial Quarter (First City)
The beginning of your blast from the past experience has you meeting at a 16th century ship and watching a sailing ship being built.

The 17th Century Colonial Quarter (Fortified Town)
Your children will really enjoy the opportunity to participate in a 17th century musket drill and being able to watch a real live blacksmith perform his trade.

The 18th Century Colonial Quarter (Spanish Garrison Town)
This part of the tour features an authentic reconstruction of what an 18th century soldier’s home would have looked like. Sparse, barren, and without any of today’s luxuries, this experience will leave you thankful you live in today’s world!

The 18th Century Colonial Quarter (British 14th Colony)
Feel the booms of the cannons tickle your stomach as you participate in a cannon drill and walk in the footsteps of our forefathers under flags that have flown proudly over our city.

Explore the Colonial Quarters

All of the above are just a few of the adventures awaiting you on the tour of the Colonial Quarters, which also offers opportunities to do other things on your own. Climb the watchtower, sit under a colonial oak, participate in an archeological dig, or raise a drink in the tavern; life through the centuries has never been as fun!

The Ocean Gallery

Life through the centuries can be fun and exciting, but you can be thankful about going home to your luxury Ocean Gallery vacation rental at the end of the day. Book yours today and experience the historical side of our nation’s oldest city at the Colonial Quarter in St. Augustine, FL. It’s an experience that stays with you long after your vacation has ended!