Whetstone Chocolate Factory St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a friendly place for those who take their chocolate seriously. This is due in large part to the presence of the Whetstone Chocolate Factory. This company has been a fixture of the community since the business was started in 1967 and especially after the first factory was opened in the early 70’s. For decades, their dedication to producing the most delicious chocolate possible has gained them love and respect. Today, you can enjoy the company in a variety of ways, from eating their delicious chocolates to visiting the factories.

About the Factory

The Whetstone’s started a small ice cream shop on St. George Street in 1966. This business gradually developed into focusing on their true passion in chocolate. Bigger and bigger factories followed, until today, when they have a massive property in the city. From here, the Whetstone’s have been bringing joy into countless peoples’ lives through their amazing chocolates. When the 90s came around, people were really noticing the delicious chocolates and the amazing things that were happening at the Whetstone Chocolate Factory in St Augustine, so it became extremely commonplace for tourists and locals alike to enjoy the daily tours of the factory. This is one of the things that makes St. Augustine so charming and full of unique character.

The Tours

Everyone who has ever been on a Whetstone Chocolate Factory tour and chocolate tasting can attest to how awesome this experience is—it is one that you simply cannot miss! The “Original Chocolate Tour” is the one that you will want to be on. Throughout this time, one of the Whetstone’s chocolatiers will teach everything you need to know about chocolate. You will learn about the history of this amazing company, the Whetstone chocolate making process, and a little about what sets different chocolates apart. The best part is the 4-tiered tasting in which you will learn about the subtle differences in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, cocoa nibs, and more. You are sure to have never had chocolate that is more delicious and fresh.

The best part of the experiences that Whetstone offers is the awesome prices. The Whetstone Chocolate Factory tour is only $5 for children and $8 for adults. The next time you are visiting this amazing city, make sure you reserve your spot on one of these fantastic tour experiences and definitely pick up some Whetstone chocolates while you are at it. This is an experience that you won’t soon forget.