Adventure Landing St. Augustine, Florida

Even the best of us need a little time off from entertaining education. History, old buildings, and charming streets lined with the oldest homes, churches, and hospitals are great, but sometimes you want a little adventure in your vacation.

This is where Adventure Landing St. Augustine comes in; this is the place to play while pitting parents against teens as you show the shorter members of your family how you are still the boss! Located at 2780 Florida 16 in St. Augustine and open every day of the week, this vacation is about to turn serious, my friends!


It’s been awhile, we understand, so you might just want to start out slow in the arcade that is filled with over 80 games that are interactive, challenging, and fun. Add up how many tickets you and each of your family members have earned—the one with the most is the winner! But don’t feel sad, even if you lose, you still win when you trade in those tickets for a cool prize!


We will let you in on a little secret, parents: This is almost a sure bet for you if you have younger children who don’t drive yet. Just make sure you keep the pedal to the metal and don’t let pouty faces with quivering lips keep you from the end goal. You are here to win it all!

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Miniature Golf

So you think this is an area you have the upper hand in, do you? 18 holes of lush landscaping and water challenges (including a waterfall) aren’t challenging at all when compared to the world class golf courses you’ve played at over the years, are they? Think again, gullible parents, think again. Your children may look like innocent and upstanding members of the community, but they are cheaters! Turn away once and a ball is accidentally picked up and placed gently in the hole; this is battle, don’t let this happen to you!

Batting Cages

Seven cages with all speeds of softball and baseball, THIS may be the spot where the battle is won—by your children! That ball can leave a mark, and we tend to shrink away from pain as we grow older, but our children have no fear!

Max Flight

Once the competition has ended and you are all friends once more, why not spend some time in our roller coaster simulator, flying across the tracks of roller coasters so improbable, they really do not exist!

The Ocean Gallery

Rediscover your youth and build up family bonds as you show everyone YOU are the boss at Adventure Landing St. Augustine, Florida with a day of competition, laughs, and love. Book your luxury St. Augustine vacation home today and explore the lighter side of St. Augustine.