Black Raven Adventures

The St. Augustine pirate ship Black Raven provides one of the most unique experiences you’ll find, in which you get to sail around in a pirate ship and experience the pirate’s life in a fun atmosphere. You could not find a better place to experience this, seeing as in its 500-year history, St. Augustine had countless encounters with pirates.

Participate in a sea battle where the booty is a pirate’s chest filled with treasures for all to share, or for the 21 and over pirate wannabes, take part in a rum runner cruise and take in a bawdy dinner show as you drink your way along the Mantanzas River. The choice is yours when you sign on for a Black Raven Adventures pirate cruise!

Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunt

There are a lot of fun things to do while on your St. Augustine vacation, but if you have brought your young children with you, this is THE event they will talk about for years to come!

The one-and-a-half-hour cruise on the Black Raven pirate ship in St. Augustine, FL, a colorfully painted genuine reproduction of a pirate ship, offers the opportunity to partake in a battle with another ship.

Young swashbucklers can learn how to sword fight from, seasoned pirates perform their own fierce sword battles, and in the end, succeed in winning the battle against Queen Anne’s Revenge, taking back the bootie and sharing it with the other young members of the crew.

Exciting and fun, your little pirates can get their faces painted and learn child-friendly pirate jokes to share with their friends as they regale the ones left behind with tales of their ferociously fought sea battle!

Rum Runner’s Cruise

It’s not fair when the little tykes have all the fun, so Black Raven Adventures has added the Rum Runner’s cruise to their repertoire for the 21 and over crowd. Leave your cares and worries behind as you cruise the mighty seas for two hours of your Friday night in St. Augustine.

Be entertained by the antics of the bawdy pirates who sing for their supper as they regale you with pirate stories and perform skits that will keep you in stitches; the language and storylines are Arrrgh rated, so bring a sense of humor and a tolerance for the vaudevillian performances you will witness aboard the Black Raven pirate ship. The drink selection, including Florida’s favorite rum runners, will probably help you with that tolerance! Drink prices start at $3.75 for beer and range up to $10.00 for specialty cocktails—the Wicked Wench and the Rusty Cutlass are two of our favorites!

st. augustine pirate tour

The Ocean Gallery

Whether you are conquering the stormy seas with pint-sized scalawags or smoothing out life’s cares and worries with a Gypsy’s Kiss and a bawdy pirate show, Black Raven Adventures promises to make your Florida vacation and unforgettable one. Book your luxury Ocean Gallery vacation rental today, and don’t forget your pirate’s hat with the big red feather!