St. Augustine Scavenger Hunters

While old fashioned scavenger hunts seemed to have fallen out of favor sometime in the 70s, their appeal remains strong in the historic city of St. Augustine, something the St. Augustine Scavenger Hunters have a little part in. Offering three different standard hunts and a host of seasonal ones, you can join in alone or bring along your entire family for a fun and different way of exploring the streets of our city—with prizes!

Historic Scavenger Hunt

The puzzles and clues in this hunt all revolve around our long history as a city. Exciting, educational, and entertaining, this is one quest the entire family will love! $16 per adult/$10 per child.

Scavenger Hunt Pub Crawl

For the 21 and over crowd, this hunt involves drinking your way across the pubs and taverns of St. Augustine. Don’t forget a designated driver! $20 per person.

Picture Scavenger Hunt

Providing a different take on the usual scavenger hunt, although there are riddles and puzzles involved too, the main object of this hunt is to take pictures of different objects found all over the city! $16 per adult/ $10 per child.

Haunted Scavenger Hunt

This seasonal scavenger hunt in St. Augustine is only available from October 18 through February 28 and involves some of the most haunted spots in the city. Bring your camera and discover if you have had “spiritual visitors” as you will be directed to areas where the dead still walk.

Nights of Lights Scavenger Hunt

Another seasonal scavenger hunt in St. Augustine that celebrates the joy of the holidays is held from November 22 through January 7. Follow the lights and solve the puzzles and riddles on this holiday hunt that is guaranteed to bring you and your family closer together!

The Details

Each of the hunts are timed, lasting two and a half hours, so it’s a great opportunity to fill in some left over spaces in your vacation that you weren’t sure how to fill. Winners can earn prizes of tee shirts, coupons, or gift cards to be used as you please, but this is one time it’s not about who wins or loses, but how much fun you have playing the game! The memories you create during any of the above scavenger hunts will last forever. Visit the St. Augustine Scavenger Hunters website at for more information.

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