Spanish Bakery in St. Augustine

Tucked away under a historic cedar tree is one of Florida’s best kept secrets – the St. Augustine Spanish Bakery – widely renowned as one of the top St. Augustine restaurants. This amazing gem emulates a proper Old World bakery, serving authentic Spanish foods.

Step back into Spain on a warm summer night with these delectable dishes and tasty treats. Eat from a menu built from old Florida recipes, and take a trip back to a culinary era that has been somewhat forgotten in modern times.

spanish bakery st. augustine


This establishment is only open for lunch, and as such, it provides some of the best options for a midday feast. The menu was built from the heart of the on-site chefs, and features the best of Spanish cuisine. Enjoy an empanada, picadillo, gazpacho, salads, and much more. The menu is made fresh every day from fresh local ingredients. The cuisine here is delicious but very affordably priced. There are a wide variety of foods from sweets to main courses. Some of the most popular dishes on the menu are beef empanadas, baked biscuit dough stuffed with smoked sausage, and giant cinnamon rolls.

One thing that makes this menu unique is that the ingredients are bought fresh every morning. When they run out, the restaurant closes. This guarantees all the food is the freshest in the area.

You’ll never get a terrible meal at this St. Augustine restaurant. Finish off a terrific lunch with a simple, delicious, famous St. Augustine cookie from this location.


Not only do they dish out delicious foods at the Spanish Bakery, but it is set in one of the most charming areas of the city. It is located in a courtyard right in the middle of St. George Street, which is the most historic area in the whole city. These delicious options and comfortable environment make the Spanish Bakery one of the best places to get lunch.

The atmosphere inside this restaurant will take you back to cobble stones and thatched roofs. The stone hearth oven is still used to bake the freshest bread every day, and visitors mention the mouth-watering smell as it flows into the street.

The staff is friendly and welcoming. They especially love tourists! The meals are served in a deli-style line. Patrons elect to sit inside or rest outside on umbrella-laden picnic tables. The reasonable prices bring guests back again, while the white shingled-roof and smoke house melt away all the worries of the modern world.

st. augustine spanish bakery

Homemade Food at the Right Price

Patrons of this St. Augustine restaurant comment often on the affordable dishes served here, and on the amazing taste of a home-cooked meal. Exploring St. Augustine’s history is exciting, but exhausting, and tourists need the best food for rejuvenation.

That type of food is found here. The homemade bread is part of the sandwiches, and the soups are made on-site. Locals come here for the fair price they pay for food that is made just like Mom would have made it, if she had been from Spain.

Rest tired feet, take a break from the everyday world, and slow down here, where the food is healthy and delicious. There are no processed foods, flash frozen foods, or fast foods – only wholesome, delicious meals.

Find the Spanish Bakery

The Spanish Bakery is located in the Colonial Quarter of St. Augustine at 42 1/2 St George St, St. Augustine, FL. It is perfect for a lunch break while exploring this exciting part of St. Augustine, or to finish off a day with a fresh dinner.

Many vacationers wish for a fresh break from the processed, dried-out, and less than desirable St. Augustine restaurants found elsewhere. That’s when they find this hidden jewel in the Florida sun, and rejoice at the opportunity to eat something real.

Explore the history surrounding the restaurant, then keep the feeling of living in the past going by eating here. Stepping onto the patio is a step into a different, and perhaps in some ways better, decade of eating and living.