Music Hotspots in St. Augustine

A staple of all human cultures, almost everything is improved by music—and that includes vacations! Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or just interested in what talent the locals of St. Augustine have to offer, there are a few restaurants and nightclubs we encourage you to check out. All music is free to their patrons.

1. Tempo

Located right in the heart of downtown, even the name of this restaurant and bar pays tribute to the music that is so integral to its identity. It’s open six nights a week (closed Mondays), and offers live music each one! The weeknights feature recurring bands, such as salsa on Sundays and Tuesday’s blues, but Friday and Saturday nights have a revolving door of local artists, so you’ll never know what you’ll find—even if you’ve been once, it’s worth revisiting! And if you particularly love music, head in on Wednesday for open mic night!

guitar player in st augustine
Photo from Shutterstock

2. Tradewinds Lounge

Open seven days a week, Tradewinds features blues, rock n’ roll, country, and oldies in their eclectic lineup—a tradition which goes way back in the bar’s 50+ years of operation. Note here that there are no food options, as the proprietors prefer to focus on drinks and music. The atmosphere is very relaxed, so the dancing is uninhibited and delightful. Not a showy place, Tradewinds is truly a hidden gem, savored by locals.

3. Stogie’s Cigar Bar

If you’re out for a more upscale evening—especially if you dream of Prohibition-era parties—then check out Stogie’s. People with an aversion to tobacco may not like it here, but if some secondhand smoke doesn’t bother you, then you’re in for some spectacular jazz music. The beer is also top notch. Stogie’s is open until the wee hours of the morning, making it a great place to visit when other options have closed. So, music, a drink, and a smoke at 1 a.m.—what about this doesn’t scream “high life?”

4. Dos Gatos

Not as heavy on music as some of these other entries, Dos Gatos deserves a mention as another nightclub that is ready to satisfy your drink cravings until 2 in the morning. It features events from Karaoke on Mondays to dance-music DJs on the weekends, Dos Gatos is a 21+ bar that fully embraces its lounge setting.

5. Colonial Oak Music Park

This is an outdoor venue in downtown St. Augustine. Colonial Oak Music Park gets its namesake from the colossal tree that towers over the wooden stage and benches where guests can sit down, relax and listen to live music.

It’s a wonderful family-friendly activity that can be the perfect ending to a long day playing in the sun and exploring the city. It’s located next to the Colonial Quarter and seats around 250 visitors. There are restroom facilities and restaurants nearby, so check out the upcoming events. See you there!