Learning How to Surf in St. Augustine

Do you want to surf? Sure, you can hit the waves with a board and see what kind of trouble you can stir up, but you could also go in with a bit of an edge.

Learn how to surf, even just a bit, before trying to channel your inner Kelly Slater. St. Augustine is one of the most spectacular places to surf because the waves are reasonable, large enough to surf on yet calm enough to learn the ropes.

Below are a few places to give you the best path forward atop the waves for your upcoming St. Augustine vacation escape. Stay tuned to your instructors’ wisdom to learn more about the best surf locales and the local tricks. We offer vacation rentals right on the beach, so there is no better time to test your surfing mettle.

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The Pit Surf Shop

The Pit Surf Shop welcomes all, though the instructors cater their energy towards brand new surfers.

The beginning of the surf lesson will start outside the water. Only once an individual is comfortable will they enter the water.

Students can learn safety rules, how to stand, how to paddle, and how to enter and exit the designated “surf zone.” This beginner lesson focuses primarily on being self-sufficient. It is designed to get a surfer comfortable with what to do in most basic scenarios, including instructions on surfing etiquette and how to choose waves.

All lessons are private, so surfers aren’t stuck learning with strangers. They can be comfortable in their own lesson. Private instructors are available seven days a week, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lessons take place at the end of A Street in St. Augustine Beach. Lessons are two hours and range from $75 to $50 a person. A board and wetsuit rental are included.

The Surf Station

The Surf Station stresses the essentials: with students old or young, male or female, skilled or completely new to the sport. Lessons are 90 minutes and cover the conventions of surfing, choosing the right board, the right kind of attire and equipment, and how to spot a solid surfing wave.

You won’t need to worry about being collected with a group that fits your current skill level because groups are private and small. You are only surfing with the instructor and individuals you know.

Young and aspiring surfers can come in with some confidence as they learn alongside friends and family, and returning surfers of any age who need a reintroduction to the sport can find a place here as well.

The Ocean Gallery - Surf St. Augustine

The instructor spends a lot of time getting a student the right tools so they can tackle the waves with their best foot forward. Rates decrease as you add new party members to the group. Lessons include refreshments and lunch.

The Surf Station is also a locally-cherished surf shop. Stop on by starting at 8 a.m. to see the boldest collection of boards of many styles, and all the equipment you could possibly need. Surf racks, attire, leashes, and much more can be acquired to use for your lesson or when you go out on your own.

Best Surfing Spots

If you are learning to surf in St. Augustine, you should avoid a few locations. Vilano Beach has a deep and quick drop in the surf, which makes for some heavy-barrel waves — not welcoming for beginners. The St. Augustine Pier is an extremely popular place to surf, so navigating around other surfers becomes a problem.

The quiet waves of Anastasia State Park or the ramp at Crescent Beach are some recommended spots. It is only a short drive from the Ocean Gallery and is almost always quiet and calm.

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St. Augustine is a surfer’s paradise. The challenges are steep but realistic for aspiring new surfers. You can hit the waves right outside our acclaimed beachfront vacation rentals. Take in the sun, the fun, and the surf of St. Augustine. Check out our availability to find the best time to come to Florida.