How To Get To St. Augustine, Florida

So you know all about St. Augustine- it’s magical, it’s beautiful, and it’s the oldest city in the country. You now just have to make it here. Fortunately, we are your “getting to” guide. How do you get to our St. Augustine condo rentals?

Driving to St. Augustine

Obviously, many of you may be driving. How you get here will vary based on where you are coming from.

  • From Jacksonville: Take I-95 South from Jacksonville to St. Augustine then go onto route 16 to reach the city.
  • From Orlando: Interstate 4, known as I-4, to I-95 North will get you right to the city
  • From St. Petersburg: You will want to take 275 to I4, and subsequently I-95 to get from St. Petersburg to St. Augustine
  • From Tampa: Tampa is a straight shot onto I-4 and then I-95.

The Closest Airport

So what are the nearest airports in St. Augustine? There are typically three airports you are going to use.

The first is the Northeast Florida Regional Airport at St. Augustine. It is small and the only one in the city. It is known for its steady trips to and from Charlotte and parts of North Carolina and Virginia.

The Daytona Beach International Airport is a medium-sized airport and has flights from 150 different regions. It is about an hour south of St. Augustine.

You also have the Jacksonville International Airport, most certainly the biggest airport in North Florida. It is a heavily-trafficked airport, and services most major carriers. JAX is about an hour north of St. Augustine.

Some guests may arrive in St. Augustine from Orlando. Usually, fare from any location to Orlando is cheaper compared to Jacksonville due to Orland’s larger airport and more air travel traffic. But Jacksonville is substantially closer, and probably the better way to get in, especially if you aren’t already visiting Orlando on this trip.

Renting a Car

As far as renting a car, your best provider is likely Enterprise-Rent-a-Car. They have locations in most major airports, as well as the Northeast Florida Regional Airport at St. Augustine. Enterprise also has at least two locations in town. So getting a car and dropping it off should be no worry.

Alternative selections include Hertz and Budget. Renting a car isn’t absolutely necessary though, as travel to and from a St. Augustine rental by the beach to downtown could be arranged through Uber and Lyft.

It is about a 15-minute drive from the Ocean Gallery Resort to downtown St. Augustine. The resort is also across the street from the beach, so you don’t even have to leave to enjoy the best part of the vacation!

Parking Downtown

You can probably right an entire manual about parking in St. Augustine. The truth is that the town is busy and parking isn’t always the easiest. But there are three quick things which can help you with downtown parking. The first is that there are dedicated lots all throughout the city. One is on the corner of St. George St and King St. Another is on the northern side by the fort.

Secondly, St. Augustine has a huge parking garage by Castillo Dr called the Historic Downtown Parking Facility. It is a very modest ½-mile walk from the garage to the middle of St. George St. downtown, and is a perfectly fine place to park if you don’t mind the walk. It is about $10 per car for the day.

Finally, you can obtain a parking pass. It is called the ParkNow card and is helpful for extended stays. It is used at downtown meters, pay stations by the road, and the aforementioned Historic Downtown Parking Facility.

We welcome you to stay at one of our St. Augustine vacation rentals. You can find our property on the beachside. So how do you get to our Ocean Gallery vacation rentals? If you are heading south along A1A, you are going to pass through the majority of Anastasia Island. You can find us on the left of this scenic route just as you are passing signs for St. Augustine Beach. Book your stay today!