Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille

St. Augustine Restaurant You Won’t Want To Miss

Rest and relax with beautiful views of the bay at Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille in St. Augustine. The breathtaking courtyard provides live music every night, and the food is some of the best that you’ll find among St. Augustine restaurants. Located on Avenida Menendez Road, this delightful restaurant serves up Cajun treats with the refreshing breeze of salt water air. Founded by the Saigs, the original bar had only 20 stools with a small raw bar menu. Now, it has grown into a crowd-pleasing favorite.

All About Harry’s

The original owners, Greg and Louis Saig, were intrigued by Louisiana’s bold food and interesting ingredients. They used these concepts to create a menu all their own, which spread from that original 20-stool bar to the fabulous entertaining restaurant found today in St. Augustine. The goal was to create repeat business through raving fans, and that goal was completed. They strive to give a little more to each guest and employee, creating a memorable experience that surpasses other restaurants. In a world of eating choices, Harry’s has become a sought-after destination for both visitors and residents of St. Augustine.

The Menu

The menu here is full of succulent, fresh selections from the sea and beyond. Stop by for lunch or dinner, and have a drink at the fully stocked bar while you wait for our perfectly prepared dishes. Choose dishes, such as the Voodoo shrimp or the boudin balls, for a tasty starter. Check out Harry’s Signature crab cakes for a splash of ocean flair, then move on to Harry’s Original gumbo paired with Harry’s Style burger, or any of the other delicious menu choices. Eat a po’boy, devour red beans and rice, or choose any other authentic Cajun dish from the lunch or dinner menu. Don’t forget to finish with dessert!


Harry’s is excited to bring their Cajun flair to you! Whether you’re a St. Augustine local, a business hosting a number of employees, or a vacationer planning an extraordinary vacation gathering, Harry’s will deliver. Call Harry’s 24 hours in advance to gather some of your favorite dishes in larger portions, feeding your group easily with Harry’s convenient carry-away service. If you have an off-site event with a larger group, Harry’s is happy to bring the food to you and serve it for you. Harry’s also hosts parties, with on-site catering options available in their private party room.

Chef Specials

Harry’s entices foodies with featured chef specials, which include an appetizer, main dish, and drink combination. If you don’t know what to try, ask for the chef special recommendation, which combines different tastes, all with a Cajun flair. A delicious example of a chef special is the Cajun eggroll, combined with the shrimp Lafayette, and finished with the Sundowner. The eggrolls include ocean-caught shrimp, sausage, cheddar cheese and collard greens for an authentic Southern taste. The shrimp Lafayette rolls over the tongue with mushrooms, green beans, and sausage, served with Worcestershire cream sauce. The Sundowner washes everything down with Bacardi Limon, Malibu, citrus, and pomegranate.

Loyalty Program

Are you a Harry’s fan? Even if you only vacation in the area once a year, it’s nice to know what’s going on down at this quintessential St. Augustine restaurant! Sign up for their newsletter to discover celebrations, such as featured entertainment, and special offers happening here. You’ll get a discount for birthdays and anniversaries, redeemable the whole month of the event. This means that if you are vacationing during your birthday month, you don’t need to be present on the actual day to take advantage of the offer. Expect to hear about Mardi Gras plans and summer fun after signing up for the Harry’s newsletter.