The Top 5 Hiking Trails in St. Augustine

Explore the Great Outdoors in Beautiful St. Augustine!

Take your tropical St. Augustine vacation to another level by going on a hiking excursion or two! Wander into the gorgeous natural scenery and vivacious plant life of the area, following in the footsteps of the ancient explorers who first arrived in the wilderness of St. Augustine centuries ago. It’s easy to find your own adventure here! You’ll find a list of The Ocean Gallery’s top favorite trails described below.

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1. Bella Vista Trail

This stunningly scenic trail winds its way through the lushly green and dense uplands of Washington Oaks Gardens State Park. Showcasing in detail an intriguing and diverse range of habitats hosted by this barrier island, the entirety of the serene Bella Vista Trail is extended all over the course of a breezy 1.8 miles.

2. Ancient Dunes Trail

The bountiful wildlife preserve of Anastasia State Park is the home of the Ancient Dunes Trail, where the ancient oak trees shade a brief, steeply-inclined path leading over the immense dunes in the area. Witness a myriad of different species of bird as you meander along this maritime forest.

3. Fort Matanzas Nature Trail

Set against the striking backdrop of the weathered and mysterious Fort Matanzas, the trail bordering this historic site consists of wizened oaks and large, grand dunes blanketed in a seaside forest. You can almost feel the presence of St. Augustine’s first explorers alongside as you traverse the same ground they once walked upon.

4. Pine Loop Trail

Trace the route of babbling Pellicer Creek through the old, towering pines along the Pine Loop Trail. Located in the midst of Faver-Dykes State Park, this trail is relatively easy for beginning hikers, but its sights still lend a sense of wonder to the journey.

5. Bayard Point Conservation Area

The pristine, untouched forest along the bank of St. John’s River is preserved by the extensive Bayard Point Conservation Area. Here, an invigorating trail leads to the river by way of the peaceful, quiet John P. Hall Nature Preserve.

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