Best Place to Get a Thanksgiving Day Meal in St. Augustine

Thanksgiving is coming upon us once again in northern Florida. It is that classic time to get everyone together and enjoy good company, family, and vacation. This holiday often results in one family taking on the brunt of the festivities by playing host. Thankfully, you and your family have other options while on vacation at our St. Augustine resort. But, it does lead to a different problem entirely – where do you go?

Below are three fantastic restaurants committed to a special Thanksgiving set-up for the 2017 holiday season.

Each of the three St. Augustine restaurants is in a slightly different part of St. Augustine. You can select the restaurant that fits the preferred ambiance and area in town, from the coastal side to the center of St. George Street.

St. augustine restaurants open on thanksgving

Costa Brava

Location: 95 Cordova St, St Augustine, FL 32084.
Phone: (904) 810-6810

What Cordova Street lacks in foot traffic it makes up for in subdued ambiance and high-end dining. Costa Brava has a very reserved and small space for its Thanksgiving meal this year, so booking ahead is essential.

The menu typically consists of Mediterranean fish, steak, and roasted garlic shrimp, to name a few. Adults are $69 and kids are $25, but the food is worth every penny.
Costa Brava will be open 11 am to 9 pm for Thanksgiving.

Gypsy Cab

Location: 828 Anastasia Blvd, St Augustine, FL 32080
Phone: (904) 824-8244

Gypsy Cab has a very old-school diner feel, which uses purple as a bold statement of originality. It is across the Bridge of Lions and within a reasonable driving distance of our St. Augustine resort.

The menu is almost entirely organic, which is a nice change of pace for people who are becoming stricter with their food selections. The menu includes a stunning portabella mushroom burger and a mixture of Asian fusion.

restaurant meal in st augustine

Gypsy Cab has not announced their specific Thanksgiving Day menu yet, or if they expect to have multiple specific items for the holiday, however in years past they have served homemade gravy, sweet potatoes, moist turkey, homemade cranberry dressing – everything you would expect in a traditional holiday feast.

The team is small, casual, and primed to deliver some of the best eating in town. They will be open 1 pm to 8 pm for Thanksgiving.

Plan Your Next Stay

The idea of going out to dinner for Thanksgiving in St. Augustine is becoming more and more popular. There is no clean-up. There is no having to dig through each grocery story with a huge shopping list and trying to put together a multi-course meal that takes hours. You go in, you eat, and you get out, and that’s really part of the fun. Book your St. Augustine vacation rental today!

O.C. Whites

Location: 118 Avenida Menendez, St Augustine, FL 32084

O.C. Whites are found right along the Matanzas River and are widely considered one of the most popular dining destinations in the city. It is located near many St Augustine vacation rentals features a stunning water view.

The restaurant has a sprawling main dining area inside, with a decorated and lively patio outside. The interior has smaller nooks, with decorated walls to section off areas for added privacy.

O.C. Whites will certainly fill up this Thanksgiving. For a location that has a wide menu (for the pickier family members) and a lively atmosphere, this is the place. O.C. Whites will be open 11 am to 8 pm for Thanksgiving.

Go out to dinner this Thanksgiving in St. Augustine

Feel free to call us at (800) 398-5980 for more information about local St. Augustine restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner, or for lodging information any other time of the year.