Why Should You Choose to Stay at a Condo Resort Instead of a Hotel?

It is one of the oldest arguments when booking a place to stay on your next vacation- do you go for a hotel or a condo? 

While hotels have their place, especially for couples seeking a quick stay, condos offer a variety of compelling amenities and other features to keep them at the top. St. Augustine beachfront condo rentals are the way to go if you plan on having an amazing and extended stay in the historic city.

The Ocean Gallery resort

Space to Stretch Your Legs

Hotels just aren’t practical for families on extended trips. The ability to have your own room is essential on multi-night stays. With a condo, you have more privacy from other guests, unlike the bunched-up nature of a hotel. You can also place the kids in their own room and reap all the benefits of giving them (and yourself) your own private space!

It is common for hotels to offer bland and regular art and décor. While that is often fine, the best condos add character, charm, and magic to the space. This could include lovely beach décor, expansive art pieces, and neat statues to add life to the space. It may be an overlooked feature, but we think you will appreciate the extra décor touches when you spend days soaking in the sun and ocean from the other side of the patio window.

Not all condos and hotels are mutually exclusive and they can all vary tremendously. It is important you do your research and find an option that suits your needs.

Plan Your Visit

With the best St. Augustine beachfront condos, you get the best of both worlds. Guests receive the privacy and comfort of home with the resort amenities and features of a hotel. Between concierge services and poolside spots to hang out, there is plenty to adore with a beachside condo in the ancient city. Contact us at The Ocean Gallery for additional details and seasonal availability.