How to Get the Most Out of Your St. Augustine, FL Vacation

St. Augustine is a historic coastal town tucked away in the northern region of sunny Florida. If you have yet to visit its cobblestone streets, magnificent beaches, and monumental forts that were built centuries ago, you truly don’t know what you’re missing. Though largely celebrated for being the oldest city in the nation’s history, St. Augustine has a special charm about it and is captivating even to those who wouldn’t particularly call themselves an enthusiast when it comes to learning about the olden days. That’s what makes it such a fantastic vacation spot for anyone and everyone. There’s quite a bit to take in, but these are some of the best ways to make sure you fully experience some of the best highlights during your stay.

  1. St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum – Lighthouses are a beautiful work of architecture that represent the grandiose scope of the ocean. Any time you have the opportunity to view one up close and personal, it should not be missed. What’s even better about the St. Augustine lighthouse is that visitors are invited to climb its 219 steps to the top, where a breathtaking scene awaits you.
  1. Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Most of us have heard the legendary tales about a fountain of youth existing somewhere. Well, this may be the closest you get as you explore acres of opulent gardens and the archeological site before taking a drink from the water source.
  1. St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park – What trip to Florida is complete without an alligator sighting? Check out a variety of crocodilian species, and see if you have the nerve to zip line over Crocodile Crossing, with alligators and crocodiles lounging below.
  1. Ghost Tour – Discover the darker side of St. Augustine as you hop aboard a trolley ghost tour that takes you through old cemeteries and explains some of the city’s most haunting legends. Find out the secrets of the Old Jail and why it’s been listed on the National Registry of Haunted Places.
  1. Castillo de San Marcos – History is sure to play some part in your trip to St. Augustine, and there’s no better way to embrace that than with a visit to Castillo de San Marcos. This is an impressively constructed fort made of coquina in the 1600s that promises not to disappoint.
  1. City Gates and St. George Street – There’s also something just as fun about spending a few hours leisurely walking around St. Augustine’s most popular path, St. George Street. It’s a pedestrian-only street that has plenty of restaurants, shopping, a few historic structures, and many hidden treasures that are all worth checking out.

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