wine being poured at St. Augustine

Old City House Inn and Restaurant

Once serving as horse stables for a wealthy merchant’s mansion and later the world-renowned Flagler Hotels of the 1800s, Old City House Inn & Restaurant in St. Augustine, FL is replete with fascinating historical touches and delicious culinary concoctions. Old...

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st. augustine spanish bakery

Spanish Bakery in St. Augustine

Tucked away under a historic cedar tree is one of Florida’s best kept secrets – the St. Augustine Spanish Bakery – widely renowned as one of the top St. Augustine restaurants. This amazing gem emulates a proper Old World bakery,...

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table full of latin food

La Cocina Restaurant

La Cocina St. Augustine, FL – St. Augustine’s Best Restaurants In St. Augustine, there’s no denying the Latin influences that are present throughout this serene, old world European city by the sea. First founded by the Spanish in the mid-1500s, St. Augustine...

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food truck in st augustine

St. Augustine’s Uptown Scratch Kitchen

Downtown St. Augustine Restaurants – Uptown Scratch Kitchen In a parking lot on San Marco Avenue near DOS Coffee and Wine lays Uptown Scratch Kitchen, an innovative food truck capitalizing on the nation’s latest culinary craze of food trucks that serve...

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Shrimp and grits

Make a Splash at Harrys Seafood Bar and Grille

For anyone looking for the bold taste of Louisiana in Florida, Harry’s Seafood Bar and Grille is the place for you! The original owners loved the food and fresh ingredients found in classic Louisiana dishes, so they were inspired to...

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Fried seafood on a platter in at augustine

Delicious Eats at St. Augustine Beach

Let’s face it: being active can make you hungry! So, when you’ve spent the day at St. Augustine Beach and enjoyed the many outdoor activities it has to offer, you’re going to want to end the day eating at one...

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pizza from cafe in st augustine

Signature Dishes in St. Augustine

The great state of Florida is known for some of the best water views in the whole world- yes, we mean the whole world. But Florida has another fantastic feature up its sleeve. Take a tally of the places with...

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