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Avero House St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine is a city steeped in a rich history, and as such, the opportunities to explore and discover the lives and buildings of our past abounds. The Avero House, located on 41 St. George Street, is one shining example...

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World Golf Hall of Fame Museum

You would be hard-pressed to find a more fitting home for the World Golf Hall of Fame than the state of Florida. That is why the Golf Hall of Fame museum has found a home in St. Augustine, a place...

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Three Theaters in St. Augustine

In a town with such a rich and colorful history going back centuries, it should be no surprise that the arts and culture community is large and thriving – especially the performing arts. Featuring some of the most talented performers...

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Gonzalez Alvarez House in St Augustine

Come See the Oldest House in Florida!

Among the seemingly endless list of historic attractions available for exploration in the “Ancient City,” St. Augustine is home to the oldest surviving Spanish colonial dwelling in Florida! Once believed to be the oldest home in America, the Gonzalez-Alvarez House...

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fort menendez st augustine

Fort Menendez St. Augustine, Florida

Few American attractions take you right back to the beginning of European settlement. When explorers first landed in the country, Fort Menendez became one of their first creations. Now, you can see early European settlement in St. Augustine in all...

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Llambias House St. Augustine, Florida

When you live in the nation’s oldest city, you get used to the fact that many of the buildings in the area can be centuries old. America, as everyone knows, became a nation in 1776, but St. Augustine has been...

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Historic Churches to Visit While in St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a city with a long and storied past, being the nation’s oldest city.  Founded in 1565 by a Spanish admiral, St. Augustine has been around since long before the United States came into being.  Naturally, there have...

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