5 Ways to Save Money on Your St. Augustine Vacation

St. Augustine is one of the most fun and unique places to visit. It is such that you do not have to work too hard in order to have an amazing and memorable experience; the city will take care of that on its own. It is also one of those places that afford amazing opportunities for unparalleled recreation and beauty that you can enjoy without breaking the bank. Here are some things to consider when you are looking to save a little money during your next vacation to St. Augustine.

1. Take in the Free Sights

You will find that this is an easier endeavor in St. Augustine than almost anywhere else. This is due in large part to the unbelievable natural beauty and historical value that you will find all around the city. For starters, it does not cost any money to explore the beautiful beaches and marshlands for which the city is famous. You can also take a stroll through the charming city streets and enjoy the buildings and locations whose history’s span hundreds of years, free of charge!

2. Stay Close to the Things You Want to Do

Doing a little research and positioning yourself closer to the things that you want to do while on vacation can go a long way in saving you on your next vacation. This is not only important in saving your money, but also in saving your precious time in a beautiful place like St. Augustine. Spare yourself from time and monetary expense of traveling while on vacation. The beautiful thing about St. Augustine is that there is so much beauty and fun around you, there is no need for extra-long commutes. Booking accommodations through a vacation rental company rather than a hotel can offer the wide array of options that will make this endeavor easier than ever.

photographer in st augustine
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3. Take Photographs Rather Than Buying Souvenirs

Photographs are a great way to remember the fun of your trip without spending money, but photos do not have to be the only thing that helps you remember the trip forever. You can always spend some time writing a vacation journal or finding sentimental and free mementos, which will mean infinitely more than a random souvenir that you pick up somewhere.

4. Avoid Buying New Clothes for Your Trip

It is easy to fall into the trap of buying new clothes that you think are essential to your vacation. One of the beautiful things about St. Augustine is there are few places that are more relaxed about your wardrobe. The fact of the matter is that your clothes will not go a long way in ensuring a memorable trip. Just leave that up to this beautiful city and surrounding area.

5. Prepare Your Own Meals

Everybody loves hitting the town and checking out the restaurants in a new and exciting place. But if you are looking to save money, it is a good idea to limit the times you go out for food and stick to preparing your own meals. This is a great alternative, especially when you are staying in your own vacation rental.

Regardless of how you go about spending your time and money in St. Augustine, you are guaranteed to have a fun and unforgettable experience!