Plan a Romantic Getaway St. Augustine, FL Style

Plan a romantic getaway to St. Augustine, FL, and stay in one of the most romantic rentals available. Bask in the attentiveness of service rendered, the rich charming history of the rental homes and locations visited, and the opulent amenities to keep you and your partner entertained.

After having your breakfast at your St. Augustine condo rental, take a romantic stroll around the streets of St. Augustine and engage in some of the romantic getaway activities we have put together to ensure you have the best time.

Romantic Activities in St Augustine

The best part about having a beachside romantic getaway in St Augustine, Florida is that very little has to be done to have a nice time. Fun beckons you from all angles. Our job is to simplify the task by showing you the places that will set the mood for one of the best St Augustine romantic getaways yet.

St Augustine Lighthouse

St Augustine is full of rich history and the lighthouse is another historical site. Enjoy the tales of war-fighting nations, and how their heritage and footprints are tied to the history of the St Augustine Lighthouse.

Discuss the possibilities that must have resulted in varying historic scenarios as your journey up to the top of the lighthouse. Share laughs and memories the situation reminds you of. When you finally get to the top of the lighthouse, you’d realize how much closer you have become to your partner during the journey from the ground level to the top.

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Visit the St Augustine Love Tree

Many different types of plants find growth in Florida. So much so that St. Augustine has several “love trees,” which are trees that are two different species growing inside of, on top of, and through one another.

Local lore says two lovers who share a kiss beneath one of the uncommon but distinctive arbors will have an enduring romance. 

We don’t need this lore tested for authenticity because two different species of trees in an unbreakable union speak volumes on their own. Couples keep getting engaged hoping for the effect of everlasting love the tree possesses and their love passes the test of time since they always return on anniversaries to renew the effect.

The most popular love tree in the area is seen at Margaret and Frankie Espinal’s Agustina’s Love Tree Café and Boutique in St. Augustine. This small site is a perfect addition to your St Augustine romantic getaway.

Have a Wine Night

After a day out under the love tree or the historic Lighthouse, sizzle it down with a wine-tasting night. We have picked out the perfect location to get you and your partner going. St Augustine houses a renowned chef with a passion for fine flavors and top-notch wines. This passion has birthed an elegant and romantic restaurant where you can have mind-blowing dinners and an impeccable wine collection to set the mood.

Michael’s has won various awards and recognitions. Their wine list has received The Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence. The restaurant was highlighted on The Food Network during Florida’s 500th anniversary. Chef Michael also received recognition as the best chef in St. Augustine from several local magazines. With the dedicated team of servers in the dining working tirelessly to ensure you have a good time, a wine dinner at Michael’s is the perfect way to end your St. Augustine romantic getaway.

Plan Your Visit to St. Augustine

Ready to plan your romantic getaway to St. Augustine? Book your stay with The Ocean Gallery today!

Enjoy a St Augustine Trolley Tour

The St Augustine Trolley Tour is the perfect way for a romantic couple to spend quality time with each other bonding over their common knowledge of different historic landmarks without having to walk or drive all the way.

You won’t regret taking a trolley tour in St. Augustine if you want to enjoy the lovely city with your significant other because the idea of a trolley tour already gives off a romantic vibe. While sitting on the trolley, you’ll have the chance to learn the details and history of each location from an informed guide. They provide you the option to spread out your St. Augustine tours over two days, giving you more time to explore the city at your speed.

Learn about the spooky past of St. Augustine and the Castillo de San Marcos, which is the subject of many spooky stories.

The trolley tour through St Augustine can be anything you make it out to be, you and your partner should set the pace that works best for you.

Watch the Sunset on Vilano Beach

Nothing speaks volumes in the world of romance like a beautiful sunset view. Visit the endless miles of white, sandy beaches in Vilano Beach St. Augustine and witness people going about their way. From the kids playing volleyball to the fishing enthusiasts, divers, horseback riders, and sunbathers. There’s something picturesque, calming, and romantic about sunsets. The orange hues scattered around the faces and backs of other beachgoers and the water make you want to treasure that moment forever. You don’t have to be engaged in all the fun activities to be able to enjoy a moment. Sometimes, observing others in their element while the sun sets, is the magic you have been waiting for.

Where To Stay in St. Augustine

When planning a romantic getaway, being in each other’s space is key to having the best time. Our St. Augustine one-bedroom condo rentals can sleep four people which is just the right amount of space a couple should have during a romantic getaway. 

Our condos are equipped with a luxurious walk-in shower, an HD flat-screen television for movie nights, a free beach chair and bike rental, heated pool access, and access to an on-site clubhouse. The condos are a dream vacation rental for couples.