Explore St Augustine Beach On Your Vacation!

Ready for a memorable vacation? Come on down to St Augustine Beach, Florida! If you’re planning to hit the beach every day, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a wide selection of fun activities available. 

From visiting the long 42-mile stretch of St Augustine Beach at the southern end of Anastasia Park to learning how to surf, kayak, and paddleboard, you’ll be fully entertained the whole time. Not to mention the many land adventures you can set out on like checking out the restaurant scene, historical sites, local wildlife, and more attractions! 

Continue reading to learn more about all the exciting things that await you when you visit St Augustine Beach FL. And if you’re sufficiently convinced on visiting the area, you can browse our St. Augustine rentals to ensure you have the perfect accommodations for your stay.

Explore St Augustine Beach 

From the best St Augustine Beach restaurants to amazing historic sights and attractions, this vacation hotspot has everything you’re looking for in a beach escape! No matter what fun activities you want to do for the day, St. Augustine Beach has plenty to do on any given day. 

Classic Car Museum

Classic cars lined up
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For any lover of classic cars or a casual visitor looking for something to do, the Classic Car Museum is a must-see destination! You can check out this 30,000-square-foot event space holding classic car backdrops, an upscale banquet room, and a beautifully polished lawn and pond. 

Every fourth Saturday of the month, the museum holds a free Cars & Coffee event to bring people together. You can grab a free tasty doughnut and a cup of coffee while checking out over 150 classic cars. 


The mission of the Classic Car Museum at St. Augustine Beach is to bring back memories through the design of classic cars. As a visitor, you have the opportunity to view a variety of cars from the 1900s to modern-day sports cars.

With a variety of past and present cars to view, there’s plenty to see for everyone to discover the evolution of these vehicles. The Classic Car Museum is perfect for all ages to enjoy and take a piece of history with them. 

Alligator Farm

For the ultimate wildlife experience, you must visit St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park. Featuring all kinds of Florida reptile species like alligators, exotic birds like macaws, and mammals like pygmy marmosets and red-ruffed lemurs, this zoo has so much to offer! 

With several exhibits showcasing these mighty reptiles, you can easily spend the whole day looking at alligators and crocodiles. You can view unique gators in the Albino Alligators exhibit with this rare species from the Louisiana Bayou. Take a close look with wonder at these one-of-a-kind white gators for a sight to behold. 

View a massive 18-foot-long crocodilian named Gomek that makes a huge splash. Weighing nearly 2,000 pounds, he was one of the largest crocodilians that called the Alligator Farm Zoological Park home. He is now tastefully preserved at the park so visitors may still bask in his legacy. 

Even though Gomek no longer holds the title of the largest animal at the park, you can come face-to-face with the current title holder! Meet 1,250-pound Maximo with a total length of 15 feet and three inches. You can safely view Maximo from an underwater window, giving you a magnificent viewing experience you won’t forget! 

Wildlife Shows

That’s not all that’s going on at The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park! Check out the daily wildlife shows such as the Realm of the Alligator, which includes alligator feeding, training demonstrations, and a Q&A segment. 

Other wildlife shows include the Rainforest Review, Florida’s Forest Friends, and Scales & Tails Reptile Show. These shows are a great way to learn more about the creatures that call the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park home and further enhance your visit to the park. 


You’ll get the thrill of your life with the park’s Crocodile Crossing, an opportunity to zipline through the treetops over live alligators and crocodiles! That’s right, you’ll have these large reptiles under your feet as you soar with tropical birds 35 feet off the ground. 

When you’re ready to conquer your fears, check out the two different course adventures available. The Sepik River Course’s run time is about 45 minutes with nine ziplines and 15 obstacles. It’s lower and shorter than the Nile River Course, so it’s a great option for beginners. The Nile River Course runs for around 90 minutes, so you’ll be in for quite the adventure. This course is more challenging with 15 ziplines and 25 obstacles, so you’ll have to keep up! 

Everyone gets a memento photo of their daring deed high above the gators and crocodiles! Hold on tight to your line and smile wide as you hover above the large reptiles below. Safety is a priority at The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, so you’ll be strapped in securely to their C.E.-rated professionally installed rolling belay system. 

So, in layman’s terms, your zipline ride will be safe, secure, and smooth as you zip away on this wild adventure!

Grab a Drink at Beachcomber

After a day of high-flying adventure, you’ll need a chance to relax and refresh. Check out Beachcomber, a fantastic beachfront bar and restaurant on Anatasia Island! Grab a drink and order a number of Chef Steve’s delicious creations, from their daily menu to specials. 

Some of their most popular menu items include their street tacos, burgers, sandwiches, wings, and local seafood. Chill out with the coldest beer on the island, with a wide selection of tasty craft, imported, and domestic beers. If you’re not a beer drinker, no problem! Beachcomber offers several other options such as wine and cider that will satisfy your taste buds and thirst. 

Beachcomber is known as a family-friendly establishment, so bring the kids! They can play in the sand pit play area with plenty of fun beach toys and a sand dune. The bar and restaurant are also pet-friendly for well-behaved dogs. Come for the great food, refreshing drinks, and experience where “‘A Street’ meets the Ocean!” 

Plan Your Visit

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Lightner Museum

Founded in 1948, The Lightner Museum is one of the best and most unique St. Augustine museums. The museum offers visitors immersive exhibits and programs about the historic building’s many eclectic collections of art, architecture, and design. 

The museum has five large floors and galleries that can take up to two hours to fully view! There’s something here for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re a casual viewer or have a deep appreciation for artwork and artifacts. 

The Lightner Museum values curiosity with a mission to inspire, excite minds, and enrich the lives of everyone who steps through its doors. Today, it’s a fantastic example of a revitalized building offering the most fascinating exhibits from around the world! 


The Lightner Museum holds a vital place in the rich history of St. Augustine. Housed in the former Alcazar Hotel, the Lightner Museum was built by Henry Flagler in 1888. The Alcazar was the second grand hotel of the railroad tycoons of the day, it once hosted thousands of guests through its beautiful Spanish Renaissance Revival architecture. 

Guests of the Alcazar enjoyed the unique sights and swimming in the world’s largest swimming pool of the time. They also frequented the Turkish and Russian steam baths, tennis courts, and gym. 

Unfortunately, during the Great Depression of the late 1920s and ‘30s, the Alcazar closed down. The former glorious hotel was then transformed into a museum by “America’s King of Hobbies,” Otto Lightner. 

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