All About Downtown St. Augustine

St. Augustine is perhaps the most historic city in all of the United States, as it is the country’s oldest continually inhabited European colony. As a result, it has all the charm of a city that has been thriving for hundreds of years, but it also comes with a modern twist. This makes it a very attractive destination for lovers of history and great nightlife alike.

Historic Destinations

Firstly, with a visit to St. Augustine’s Historic Downtown, you will be immersed in a historic setting unlike any that you can experience elsewhere. Some of the most notable of these destinations are the 1800s hotel the Lightner Museum, the Mission of Nombre De Dios, and St. George Street. Many of the buildings are over 200 years old, and as such, there is so much more historical value beyond these few destinations. You can take in the whole city through multiple trolley and walking tours.

Downtown Businesses to Visit

All of these incredible historical landmarks are nestled throughout this charming city, set out on top of cobblestone streets with a great dispersion of quaint cafés, modern bars, and unique shopping districts. Here, you can catch an amazing musical performance at the St. Augustine Amphitheater, the premier concert venue in the city. You can also enjoy amazing nightlife opportunities in places like “The Bar with No Name,” “Tini Martini Bar,” and “Stogie’s Jazz Club and Listening Room.” All of these establishments provide an extremely unique experience in a very comfortable atmosphere. Finding a place to stay among all of these fantastic establishments and activities is extremely easy as well.

Exciting Events

Apart from the many attractions that are always available with a trip to St. Augustine, it also serves as a thriving event destination. Essentially, there is something going on just about every day, from massive barbecues and live musical performances to dog parades and arts & crafts festivals. If you are looking for something in particular, check the St. Augustine events page, but there surely is no dull time to take a trip to the city.

Come to St. Augustine Today

St. Augustine is truly one of the most unique places on earth. No other place has quite the same history and culture that has blossomed in this historic city. This is particularly true of the downtown area in the city. The list above is a good start to taking advantage of the amazing features of the city, but it really only scratches the surface of what this spectacular place has to offer. Plan your next vacation to St. Augustine and find what you will love about the city.