Top 5 Historic Sites in St. Augustine

Few cities have as storied of a past as St. Augustine, the oldest continuously-occupied city in all of the United States. Read our list of favorite historic sites in a city that could practically be considered a historical site itself!

1. Augustine Amphitheatre

Built in 1965, this outdoor amphitheatre was built to commemorate St. Augustine’s four-hundredth anniversary, spanning over sixteen acres in Anastasia State Park. Today, the amphitheatre’s live shows are more musical in nature rather than play performances, but you can still see where the famous St. Augustine play Cross and Sword (based on the city’s rich and tumultuous history) was played for over thirty years. The concerts here are amazing, accommodating up to 4,100 concert-goers.

10:00am – 6:00pm Monday through Friday
9:00am – 5:00pm Saturdays                                                  
Opens 12:00pm on Show Days
Closed 1:00pm – 2:00pm Daily

Price Range:
Ticket Prices Vary
$10 Parking

2. Old St. John’s County Jail

St. Augustine’s spooky and mysterious history comes to life at the Old Jail. First built in 1891 by Henry Flagler and designed by the same people who built Alcatraz, the jail housed St. Augustine’s most infamous prisoners under the deceptive guise of a Victorian house. The site is also a part of the Ghosts and Gravestones tour, for those of you not faint of heart.

9:00am – 4:30pm Daily
Closed on Christmas Day                

Price Range:
$10 – $28 (Adults)
Free for Children 5 Years and Under

3. The Gonzalez Alvarez House

This restored historic home is the oldest surviving Spanish colonial dwelling in all of Florida! Its former inhabitants hailed from Spain, England, and turn-of-the-century America before the home was passed into the ownership of the St. Augustine Historical Society. Learn all about the Spanish, British, and American occupations of St. Augustine!

10:00am – 5:00pm Daily

Price Range:
$4 – 18
ID Needed for Students, Military, & Seniors

4. The Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine

Florida’s Oldest Catholic Church makes its home in St. Augustine! Inside, the walls are filled with murals depicting the history of the Catholic Church in the New World. Its gorgeous, multi-hued stained-glass windows show scenes from the life of Saint Augustine of Hippo, from whom the city got its name.

7:00am Mass Monday through Saturday

Price Range:
3:30 pm Confession on Saturdays

5. Castillo de San Marcos

The Castillo de San Marcos has the proud title of being the Oldest Masonry Fort in the United States. It took twenty-three years to construct this massive structure, from 1672 until 1695, after which the Castillo played a critical role in securing the colony of St. Augustine. For a castle truly out of the history books, visit the Castillo and its four bastions: San Pedro, San Pablo, San Carlos, and San Agustin!

8:45am – 5:15pm       

Price Range:
$10 (Adults 16 Years and Older)
Free for Children 15 Years and Under
Entrance Fee Valid for 7 Days

The Ocean Gallery – Your Gateway to St. Augustine

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