Tips for Renting the Best St. Augustine Homes and Condos

View from St. Augustine resorts on the beachNothing is sadder than getting all excited about your St. Augustine rentals vacation, only to find that all the best places have been rented before you were ready to make the decision. Now, the odds are with you that there will still be places available for you to stay in during your vacation, but they just won’t be close to the areas you wanted, nor will they be as nice or as spacious as you would have hoped. It may be too late for this year, but we have compiled a list to ensure that next year you will get the vacation rental you’ve always dreamed about staying in at the location you wanted, like our amazing St. Augustine resorts on the beach!

What Is Your Dream Vacation Rental?

What’s perfect for one family could be an absolute nightmare for another, so if you go into this knowing what you want from the beginning, your odds of being disappointed are low. If you are only using your room as a place to sleep at night, a fancy and expensive room is not necessary, and you may want to look into the vacation condos St. Augustine, FL offers. However, if you have scheduled downtime in your itinerary, chances are you will want a place that has all the luxury amenities you’ve dreamed about your entire life. Hot tubs, private pools, rooftop terraces with a view of the water surrounding you—prepare a list of all you need and have it ready when booking your rental.

Decide Where You’re Going First, Then Book Your Rental Soon After

The best spots get snapped up first, especially if you are planning on visiting during the summer, a holiday, or spring break. The earlier you book your St. Augustine rentals vacation when visiting during these peak times, the better chance you have of getting exactly what you want, and possibly saving money while you do it!

Plan on Paying More to Get More

Premium vacation rentals charge premium rents; it costs a lot to maintain a higher standard of home, and those costs are naturally going to be passed on to you. Complaining about the high costs won’t change the price; there’s a line of people behind you willing to pay the cost, or even more. Asking if there are any specials available is ok, though, and sometimes you may get lucky when you’ve waited too long; last minute cancellations can mean the owner of the luxury vacation home lowers the rates for a particular weekend. It CAN happen, but don’t base your vacation around this. It mostly doesn’t!

The Ocean Gallery

Book your luxury Ocean Gallery vacation rental today and leave all your worries behind. A St. Augustine vacation is one you won’t soon forget, especially when you spend it in your dream home!

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