The Quiet Side of Ponte Vedra

St. Augustine attracts millions of yearly visitors – and with good reason. The beaches are bright and the energy is vibrant. The weather is virtually perfect year-round. You don’t get the full blast of that vicious Florida summer heat that is present further south.

St. Augustine is an old-time paradise, and you can see that history at every turn in the architecture, the cobblestone paths, and the historic museums.

But, you may want to take a little break from the main parts of St. Augustine, such as downtown St. George Street or St. Augustine Beach. Skip on over to Ponte Vedra Beach to see a different side of the area for an afternoon away from beyond St. Augustine condo rentals and beaches.

The Ocean Gallery - Ponte Vedra

Introducing Ponte Vedra

Ponte Vedra is a town that stretches from the very northeastern edge of St. Augustine and up to south Jacksonville. Ponte Vedra is almost completely contained within the area east of the Tolomato River.

Because of this, it is a thin strip of land. All Ponte Vedra locals are within a few blocks of the ocean by default.

How to Get to Ponte Vedra

You can get to Ponte Vedra Beach by heading over the Vilano Bridge and heading straight up along the coast. This road north, A1A, will take you right to the town. If you stay on the path, you might even make it to Georgia.

Walking Bird Island Park

What attracts people to Ponte Vedra is the quiet escapism and multitude of outdoor activities. You can take a break from the blistering local crowds and see a side of Florida you may not otherwise discover. There are two distinct parks that offer stunning trails away from the noise.

The first is Bird Island Park. The park grounds are just beautiful. The park is special due to its decorative layout. You can seek out a gorgeous sculpture garden near the entrance and take a few moments to reflect in the craftsmanship. Venture a little further out and you can find a hedge maze, with four beautiful benches set up in its center.

Bird Island Park features tender dunes, wide wetlands, and some colorful native flora and fauna. A winding trail is easy to navigate. This is a passive hike by the water, with a hammock stop, a gazebo hangout, and a boardwalk surrounding a pond along the way.

Finally, kids have access to a spacious play area by the shade. Program leaders may offer story time, picnicking trips, bird watching, and other program events throughout the year.

The park is at Florida A1A, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Stopping by Delton Shores Park

Delton Shores Park is rather small compared to Bird Island Park, but it offers plenty of fun activities and recreational things to do. You have two basketball courts, a tennis court, a skate park, a dog park, and a kids’ play area.

It is found at 82 Dolphin Blvd. E., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Hike the Nocatee Preserve

Nocatee Preserve is just massive. This is certainly the top choice for hiking enthusiasts. Three miles of unpaved trails head deep into the wetlands. The trail is open for mountain biking, and bird watchers are often found photographing nature right by the trailside.

The preserve is located at 501 Davis Park Rd., St. Augustine, FL.

Vilano Beach

Your introduction to Ponte Vedra will almost certainly be at Vilano Beach. This is a wonderful and majestic stop to take on your way to the town. When leaving St. Augustine, you will undoubtedly head over the Vilano Bridge. Take a right at the light and park by the water to see the quiet alternative to St. Augustine Beach that attracts savvy locals all year long.

You can visit Ponte Vedra for a day of hiking, but you can stay in St. Augustine for the proximity to downtown and your very own coastal rental. Our St. Augustine condo rentals give you the best opportunity to see everything in this sleepy seaside town.

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