Florida’s Oldest Ice Plant

The St. Augustine Distillery is a wonderful aspect of the city’s unique character. They are so popular in St. Augustine and around Florida because they work hard to capture the flavors of Florida and incorporate them in their spirits. They truly are a local business that looks to celebrate and enrich the unique character of the place that they are from. Here is why you should care about this local St. Augustine distillery company.

About the Distillery

This is such a unique St. Augustine distillery company because it is a local business collaborative in which 28 people local to St. Augustine take part in ownership. Their mission is simple: to bring super premium, small batch spirits to this community that they love so much. It is different from commercially produced spirits in that they only use ingredients and crops that are unique to this region. They have not been around for too long, but they are already turning heads with their delicious and unique spirits. From whiskey and rum to gin and vodka, you can be sure that there is something delicious for everyone at the St. Augustine Distillery. It is this groups’ drive to be the best in the world at distilling liquors that is responsible for their success and respect around the community.

How to Take Advantage of this Awesome Place

The best way to experience the amazing things going on here and support the cause along the way is to take one of the awesome tours of the distillery. The most exciting part of the tour is watching as the professionals here mix, mash, cook, and distill rum, whiskey, vodka, and gin. Seeing this process up close is something that you will not forget, even if you are not a drinker.

Another amazing thing about the distillery St. Augustine experience is that it sits in a renovated building which acted as an ice manufacturing plant in 1917—amazing! Of course, at the end of the tour, you have the privilege of tasting these spirits in the charming tasting room. The best thing about these tours is they are absolutely FREE! You will not find a more memorable experience than this for the same price (or lack thereof).

Of course, another great way to experience the St. Augustine Distillery is to pick up a bottle of their spirits from the store. You are sure to not regret it. Make sure you make the Distillery St. Augustine a part of your vacation plans the next time you are in town!