Cousteau’s Waffle and Milkshake Bar in St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine is rich in cobblestone streets, antique places to explore, and beach-filled shops of all kinds and colors. Tucked away off George Street is Cousteau’s. Rustic, cozy, aquatic-themed, and tiny, Cousteau’s Waffle and Milkshake Bar delivers the double-whammy of candy-topped waffles and spectacular milkshakes.

Below is a look at one of St. Augustine’s most sweetly-saccharine restaurants, and the many unique and crazy concoctions held within.

Waffles, Shakes, and the Love of Downtown St. Augustine

Stephen DiMare loves St. Augustine. He opened Cousteau’s in 2013 due to the overwhelming popularity of his sweets and treats bar known as the Hyppo.

plate of waffles with powdered sugar and raspberries

The Hyppo is famous for its frozen popsicles, but DiMare wanted something a little different with Cousteau’s. Combining his fascination with the nautical and his love of the cherished work of oceanographer and artist Jacques Cousteau, he carved out a unique identity in downtown.

The story is only the start. DiMare infused his nautical themes into his waffle and milkshake creations. Some of the finest waffle concoctions include the Hennessey, a daring stir of marshmallow fluff, chocolate syrup, and graham cracker crumbles. The Kingsley is a local favorite. The shop takes peanut butter, fresh bananas, and local honey, and globs it all atop a big waffle.

While the waffle side of the menu is mostly crazy mixtures added to the top of a waffle, others take a different spin on this formula. The Matching Pajamas is two halves of a waffle sandwiched around ice cream. The whole thing is dipped in chocolate. The Bond Company Stooge features a crème brulee over the waffle. Crack it open slightly and watch the mixture slide delicately into the cracks of the waffle.

They also have milkshakes galore, including a few traditional options and some very original mixes. The Ping Island is peanut butter, chocolate sauce, marshmallow, and graham crackers in a vanilla base. The Calypso takes key lime pie, lime juice, and graham crackers in a brilliant milkshake mix. Take an extra look at the Papa Steve. It is blackberry cheesecake mixed into a milkshake – literally.

The shop is just the place for nautical-themed sweets. Jacques Cousteau is the spiritual leader of Cousteau’s. His love of red is celebrated in the décor. Wear a red beanie, just like Cousteau, and get 10% off your order of any of the above milkshakes and waffles.

The Life Aquatic

The Life Aquatic is more than just a quirky movie for the designers and workers of Cousteau’s Waffle and Milkshake Bar to play off of. It courses through the life of every décor selection and every menu option.

Any visitor familiar with the Bill Murray-starring film by director Wes Anderson will find references galore, from the Belafonte strawberry waffles to the unpaid intern, both a reference to the name of the ship in the film and the new hire the crew takes on.

The crew in the film also has a staring contest with a jaguar shark, the clear inspiration for the bacon and pecan-filled Jaguar Shark waffle. Finally, there’s the espresso and chocolate milkshake called the Be Still Cody. Tuned-in fans may recall the awkward moment between Cody the dog and Jeff Goldblum atop the Belafonte.

Stop by the shop to witness even more little clever nods from the film. You don’t need to be familiar with the Life Aquatic at all, but the menu Easter eggs make the trip especially amusing for fans.

Diner Details

Cousteau’s is at 15 Hypolita St, St Augustine, FL 32084 and is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The dining area inside is small, but there is a table or two right outside the building. You can also walk a block over to the large open greens of the Castillo de San Marcos fort by the Matanzas Bay and many other dinner restaurants to crave your appetite for something savory before your sweet tooth is fully satisfied here.

This teeny-tiny little escape has some of the most dizzying sweets and treats in the entire city. It is certainly something you need to check out when you make your way down to the cobblestone streets of downtown St. Augustine.

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