Motor Sports & Races in St. Augustine

St. Augustine race track

Florida is the place to go if you are looking to enjoy motorsports. It seems as if there are more racetracks than there are cities. St. Augustine was no exception to this until its main track was closed down in the early 2000s. But do not fear, if you are looking to enjoy some motorsports during your next vacation to this amazing city, there are still some St. Augustine race tracks very close by, including the Green Cove Springs Dragway.

About Green Cove Dragway

The closest of all the tracks to St. Augustine is the Green Cove Dragway. During the weekends, especially, people flock a couple miles to the west of St. Augustine to enjoy motorsports. This is not only the place where you will find amazing motorsports from amateur competition up to the professional level, but there is a great energy and comradery between the people who come by. This type of community is uniquely St. Augustine and it is a pleasure to be around. You will find that the track is typically open on the weekends and can sometimes close during the weeks. Make sure you check the schedule online before you make any plans to visit the track.

How to Take Advantage

The main thing that you need to do in order to fully take advantage of this great little haven for motorsports enthusiasts is to keep up to date on their schedule. By visiting their website, you can stay on top of everything that is going on here, and then you can make it out to the events that interest you the most.

There are many ways to enjoy the track at Green Cove Dragway. Firstly, if you like racing your own car, you can sign up for head to head battles on the dragway. But you do not have to be a racer to enjoy coming here. On Saturday, October 29th, there will be an amazing show in the third annual Monster Mash Bash. You can also enjoy races in St. Augustine between the professionals and basically everything in between.

Even if you or the family is not particularly interested in motorsports, this is certainly an experience worth having. This is especially true given the culture of the area. Here, you will experience unparalleled enthusiasm for the sport, which is always fun to be around. Make sure you leave a little time open on the schedule to visit the Green Cove Springs Dragway during your next visit to beautiful St. Augustine.