The Hottest Newest Restaurants in St. Augustine

Some of our best vacation memories revolve around the foods we ate, no matter how special the place we visited was. When we were in Paris, we remember the taste of fresh hot crepes served with Nutella and bananas, created right in front of our eyes at a charming roadside stand.

Our Arizona trips recall memories of hot salsa and spicy burritos served to us as we sat in chunky wooden chairs in a colorfully decorated restaurant. And when you visit St. Augustine, you will get to create new epicurean memories at some of the newest restaurants that have created a big buzz in their short existence. Keep reading for a list of our newest favorites!

Salt Life – 321 A1A Boulevard

While it may not be the newest, Salt Life is one of the hottest in our ancient city. Originating in Jacksonville, Florida, this eclectic restaurant serves many different foods and does them all well. Offering a large gluten-free menu for those with dietary restrictions, this is THE place to dine when vacationing in St. Augustine. Don’t forget to try the grouper tacos; this is a delicacy most people can’t get enough of!

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Cantina Louie – 1900 US Highway 1

Our dirty little secret is we simply adore Mexican food. In a city surrounded by the sweetest seafood, if we had our druthers, we’d still choose a Mexican restaurant every day of the week, and Cantina Louie is turning out to be our favorite of all time! Serving Mexican street food, (tacos, tostados and tortas) every day of the week, we can’t pick a favorite because every item on the menu is delicious!

Candlelight South – 1 Anastasia Avenue

You don’t have to miss your favorite team play just because you are on vacation. Candlelight South is our favorite sports bar, featuring eight televisions, a large selection of craft beers, an extensive wine list, and some of the tastiest bar food this side of the Mississippi. When we are craving a good burger, this is where we go. This sports bar doesn’t believe in frozen beef; all their burgers are handmade fresh each day, and their mushroom swiss burger is the best we have ever tried!

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Book your luxury Ocean Gallery vacation home today and start planning your culinary exploration of our nation’s oldest city. We’ve never had a bad meal at any of the above listed restaurants. Why not try them out and let us know your favorite dish?