Horseback Riding in St. Augustine, FL

Horseback riding St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine is an amazing place that offers visitors countless ways to enjoy a vacation. From the rich history of the city to endless beauty that surrounds, you will not find a better place to visit. One of the best ways to take advantage of picturesque land upon which the city sits is by going horseback riding in St. Augustine. Through this great activity, you will gain a new appreciation for this beauty. Here is why you should consider making a horseback riding adventure a part of your next trip to St. Augustine!

Why Go?

To be honest, there is virtually no bad way to spend time in St. Augustine. But one of the best and most unique ways to do it is from the back of horse. Horseback riding by itself is an amazing activity. It promotes an appreciation for nature and the animals who live in it. But once you go horseback riding in St. Augustine, you will not want to do it anywhere else ever again. This is because there is such unparalleled beauty here. And there is no better way to enjoy this beauty than by slowly traveling through it atop a majestic animal. You have many options here as to where you would like to ride. Some people prefer a casual stroll down the beach, while others love to explore the lush green wilderness that surrounds the city. There is no wrong decision, just a decision that you are more suited for.

Where to Go?

There are countless places to take part in St. Augustine horseback riding, so you will surely find something for you! If you are looking to casually trek through a variety of landscapes from the shores of lakes to the woods and grassy fields, then you should visit the Florida Agricultural Museum. They offer some of the most diverse and beautiful trails that you will find anywhere, at a great price. For St. Augustine horseback riding along the shores of beautiful beaches, you will need to drive up the coast for a few miles to get to Kelly Seahorse Ranch on Amelia Island. Now this is an experience that you will not find elsewhere.

Horseback riding St. Augustine, FL is among the most therapeutic activities that you can take part in, so head over to one of these great establishments to unwind. Make sure you make horseback riding a part of your next St. Augustine vacation and you are sure to experience the area as never before!