The History of St. Augustine

St. Augustine historyThroughout the United States, you will find different places and cities with some of the most unique histories. However, you could travel the entire country and not find a single place that boasts a richer history than the city of St. Augustine in Northeast Florida. The history of St. Augustine reaches back long before the United States took shape as its own nation. The city is quite historically prominent, as it is the oldest continuously inhabited European colony in the whole United States. Here is what you should know about this amazing history.

The History

St. Augustine was founded and settled 451 years ago on September 8th, 1565 by Spanish conquistadors accompanied by 1,000 sailors, soldiers, and settlers. The colony maintained peaceful relations with Native Americans of the area, but was attacked on several occasions by pirates and enemies of Spain. The most notable of these attacks was in 1586 when Sir Francis Drake sacked and burned the city down. Since then, the city’s culture has benefited from many influences, from the Spanish that made the city its Florida capital for over 200 years to the British who held it for short time after, and then of course the United States, who acquired it from the Spanish in 1819. In more recent years, the city has enjoyed countless preservation and restoration efforts to ensure that many can enjoy the amazing St. Augustine history for years to come.

Historic St. Augustine Landmarks

Apart from simply walking the charming streets of the city, the best way to immerse yourself in St. Augustine history is by visiting the city’s many historical landmarks. The most famous and awe-inspiring of these landmarks is the Fort Matanzas National Monument. This magnificent structure was constructed in 1742 as a defense for the city. It still stands as an amazing reminder of the some of the incredible history of these lands. Castillo San Marcos is another one of these incredible Spanish forts that speckle the lands surrounding St. Augustine. Built in 1672, this is the oldest stone fort in all of the continental United States. 

It is difficult to fully understand the history of this amazing land. But visiting a place like historic St. Augustine is the best way to immerse yourself in that history. Visiting the city and its many monuments is an experience that every lover of history should have, and it is one that you will not soon forget.

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