Halloween Weekend in St. Augustine

In many parts of the country, Halloween is the start of the cold times, with children and parents alike bundling up, often covering the cute costumes their children have been dying to wear for weeks and shivering uncontrollably as they go from house to house seeking treats. These cooler temperatures can be held responsible for Halloween booties that are so small, your children notice right away when you steal their best chocolates, putting a pall over one of the best holidays of the year!

In St. Augustine, however, Halloween signifies the beginning of perfect temperatures. The summer heat has begun to die away, while still staying warm enough for all members of your family to stay comfortable. If you are already planning on being in the area over Halloween weekend, why not check out the following events and activities while you’re here?

halloween in st. augustine

Trick or Treating

No one wants a Halloween without trick or treating, even if you are on vacation in a tropical paradise! Fortunately for all involved, Alligator Farm Zoological Park is offering trick or treating from 5:30 to 7:30 each night of Halloween weekend. Dress up the kids in their scariest and prettiest Halloween costumes and spend the night trick or treating safely where the alligators live!

GhoST Augustine Paranormal Tours

These tours are for real; there’s no acting involved! Spend the night “busting ghosts” at some of the most haunted spots in St. Augustine, using the tools the experts use. The Haunted Pub tours includes stops at four pubs rumored to house the undead. Don’t be too scared, though; at least you know where to get a drink to help chill out during the haunt!

Haunted Tales of Warehouse 31

It’s not officially Halloween until you’ve screamed at least once in a realistic haunted house, and the Haunted Tales of Warehouse 31 is simply spooktackular! The 18,000 square foot abandoned warehouse has been reinvented as a haunted house, and some of the ghosts may actually be real!

Haunted Masquerades Art Tour

Mixing spooky costumes and beautiful art, the Haunted Masquerades Art Tour features music, food, and fun—all for a good cause! Hurricane Matthew recently reaped havoc on the area, and much of the proceeds will be donated to schoolchildren who suffered great losses!

The Ocean Gallery

It may be too late to book your luxury Ocean Gallery vacation home in time for this year’s Halloween festivities, but it’s never too soon to start preparing for next year! Book yours now and discover the spooky side of St. Augustine—it promises to be a ghoulish good time!