Let’s Go Dancing in St. Augustine

St. Augustine is Florida’s oldest city but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any excitement to be found when the sun goes down! If you’re planning a visit to St. Augustine and wondering how you can spend your evening hours meeting others and having a great time drinking and dancing, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover there’s no shortage of social venues including many taverns, clubs, and bars to do just that. Here’s a short list of some of the local favorites.

1. Scarlett O’Hara’s

This particular bar and pub attracts a younger crowd and grows more and more lively as the night goes on. With regular karaoke, loud music (including the occasional live band), and plenty of drinks, Scarlett O’Hara’s has a cozy, familiar atmosphere that encourages socializing and kicking back. A total of three bars, including one upstairs, one downstairs, and one outside provide plenty of room to dance and accommodate a crowd.

2. Trade Winds Lounge

If you’re looking for an especially entertaining and enthusiastic crowd, Trade Winds Lounge is where you’ll find them. Though it can get quite loud, the sounds are that of people having a good time listening to live music and socializing as a group of locals and tourists all mixed together for a night of drinking, dancing, and laughing. A casual dress code and a carefree environment make it the perfect place to congregate during your vacation getaway, so leave your troubles at the door.

3. Centro Restaurant & Piano Bar

Open seven days a week, Centro Restaurant and Piano Bar features a live DJ in the late night hours from 10 pm – 2 am and plenty of drink specials all night long. The summertime includes a special menu all its own with lighter dishes and lots of exotic drinks to choose from. Located in the heart of the historic area of St. Augustine, it’s a classy place to grab a drink and dance the night away.

4. Stogies Cigar Bar

This particular bar is an absolute favorite among the locals who appreciate the cozy, cabin feel and the familiar faces that are regularly seen. The staff is known for being particularly friendly and fans of smoking a good cigar will feel right at home. Regular live music makes this the perfect spot to spend a few hours dancing, drinking, smoking and mingling. If you’re in the St. Augustine area, even for one night, you’ll want to stop in.