Finding the Best St. Augustine Vacation Rentals

View from St. Augustine condo rentalFor you, the guest, planning a vacation starts with two very important steps: Step one involves choosing where you want to go, and step two involves deciding where you want to stay while you’re there! Both are extremely important steps towards having the vacation you’ve always dreamed of, but the second step can actually be the more difficult one. You’ve probably dreamed about visiting St. Augustine for a long time, but how can you tell that the St. Augustine, FL vacation rental you’ve chosen is the correct one for you and your family? We’ve compiled a list of items you may want to consider before booking your very own St. Augustine vacation homes.

Location of the Property

There are many aspects you should consider when choosing the location of your vacation rental. Obviously, the closer to the beach you are, the higher the costs are going to be. Is it worth more to you to be closer to the beach, or would you prefer to be closer to the center of town, where costs are lower and you have the opportunity to be nearer the attractions you want to visit, allowing you to perhaps save money on a rental car? Ocean Gallery’s St. Augustine vacation homes offer many locations so that you can choose the spot that fits your needs best.

How Large a Place Will You Need?

The more people in your vacation party, the larger vacation rental you will need, but sometimes compromises can be made. If you are a close knit family who doesn’t mind sharing your space, a smaller home with a sofa sleeper, or a St. Augustine condo rental, can save you money while still giving you and your family a luxury rental experience. If privacy and personal space matter, a larger home will definitely be required.

What Kind of Vacation Experience Do You Want?

Resort living in a private home can be had if you look hard enough, but it can cost way more than staying in a St. Augustine condo rental in an actual resort. Resorts offer a variety of extras, such as in-house movie theaters, multiple hot tubs, large game rooms with a variety of games to choose from, fitness centers, spas, shops, and even discounted meals at in-house restaurants. A private home may have a pool and a hot tub, but may not offer much more than that.

The Ocean Gallery

No one knows their properties better than the property management company hired to look after them. Book your luxury Ocean Gallery vacation home today and discover the joys of a St. Augustine vacation in the vacation rental that is PERFECT for your needs!

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