Benefits of Staying in a Resort Condo

One of the decisions you may need to make before booking your vacation rentals is how much time you think you may spend in the rental home during your vacation. If you are only planning for a place to rest your head, you can probably stop reading now and go back to your regularly scheduled program. This article is for those folks who believe the vacation rental is an integral part of the vacation experience and why resort condo rentals would most likely be their best bet!

Imagine Your Dream Vacation

Close your eyes and picture your time in St. Augustine as you have imagined it many times before. Do you picture an ocean view condo with panoramic views of the water so breathtaking you can’t stop staring? Do you find it difficult to imagine leaving your rental, because you have found that everything you could ever want or need is right there, just steps away from where you rest your head at night? Can you see your family laughing and joking as they play a competitive game of tennis, shuffleboard, or basketball together? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then resort condo rentals are definitely what you’re looking for, and your search should stop with the Ocean Gallery condo, as none compare to ours!

What an Ocean Gallery Resort Condo Offers

In the real world (also known as your everyday life!), your days are long and stressed, filled with deadlines, taxes, carpools, and very little time to sit and just relax. Family time is just a silent wish that you had more time to spend together and that you could gently tap the breaks and stop your kids from growing up. This is what vacations are for! And when you choose Ocean Gallery St. Augustine, Florida condos, you get more than your average vacation; you get family time built in to the stay.

Our resort includes not just a heated pool and ocean view hot tubs. When you stay in one of our condos, you get the aforementioned and so much more. Spend your days playing racquetball, basketball, tennis, ping pong, and shuffleboard with your kids and spouse, laughing and joking as you rediscover all the things that are wonderful about your family unit! Inside the condos, plan a movie night on one of the large screen televisions, or cook that gourmet meal you’ve wanted to make for your family, but have never had the time. Spend sunsets on the patio with beer, wine, and sodas for your kids. A Florida sunset is an event that must be witnessed—photographs do not do them justice!

The Ocean Gallery

Book your fun-filled family vacation in luxurious Ocean Gallery St. Augustine, Florida condos today and rediscover the bonds of family. Your kids won’t stay young forever, but this is how you slow time down for just a little while!

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