5 Things to Do in St. Augustine this Week

While St. Augustine is celebrated for its long history, there’s plenty about it that keeps changing—such as which events are being held! There are a few coming up for the week of August 7th through August 13th that we think will interest a broad array of vacationers. If you’re a recurring visitor, we encourage you to check out some of these local happenings to keep St. Augustine fresh for you. If these will coincide with your first trip, we hope you can squeeze in time for a few of them while soaking up all that St. Augustine has to offer!

Unburied Treasure of St. Augustine

In August only, the Mission Nombre de Dios will be featuring several relics of the past that were discovered in the city in 1879 and have spent the past century in Boston. Now being shown where they first were found, the people of St. Augustine can discover these treasures all over again. The four silver objects date back to the 1600s, and might be among the oldest surviving objects of worship in the U.S.

Slightly Stoopid at the Amphitheatre

The renowned band come back to St. Augustine with their “Return of the Red Eye” Tour. Having sold 0.9 million records, they’re a hit whether at live shows or in the studio. Their most recent album reached #3 on the Billboard Top Alternative Albums chart—but their unique style has reached beyond alternative, with fans among hip-hop, reggae, rock, folk and punk enthusiasts all. The show will be August 11th at 4:30 at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre.

girl in st augustine
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7th Annual Nature & Wildlife Exhibition

Not unique to this week but only happening during the summer, this exhibition celebrates the splendor, delicacy, power, and perseverance of the natural world. There is in fact a prize awarded yearly for the best feature, so you can imagine the kind of fantastic products that the competition draws out. In addition to the art work, the gallery will hold several programs, including a scavenger hunt for children.

America’s Parks National Exhibit

Another art event only hitting St. Augustine this summer, this exhibit at the Lightner Museum celebrates the centennial of the National Parks Service, and will features several works from the “Find Your Park” event that was held in April. Many of these works are award-winners—you may not be able to visit all of America’s national parks in one vacation, but these may be the best views you can get of them otherwise!

Tax-Free Weekend

Okay, this isn’t exactly a “vacation” sort of event, but if you’re squeezing this trip in right before school starts back up, stop by St. Augustine Outlets on August 7th to take advantage of Florida’s 2016 Back-School Sales Tax Holiday. To help families prepare for the coming school year, selected items have no sales tax on them. Why not squeeze a visit in to your other shopping plans, so you can relax when you get back home?